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BCW Return to Kilmarnock Friday 30th September


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Getting rather excited for my first BCW show in a long time.

I know ICW has taken alot of steam away from most Scottish companies but I'm willing to be proven wrong tomorrow.

Main event could definitely be interesting.

TJ Vs Wolfgang could be the MOTN in my opinion, two massive heavyweights slugging it out.

Darr Vs James Darkside Scott could be another potential show stealer. With a Japanese tour under his belt Scott will be dangerous and Darr getting a shot on the Dragon Gate undercard this should be exciting.

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Good show. Not sure on some results so I'll need help here...


BT Gunn df. Steven Xavier to retain the BCW Openweight Championship.


Terrific opening match. Xavier, much like the rest of Aggression, has really settled into his role as the aggressive and arrogant up and comer, while BT Gunn is his usual solid self. Some really nice exchanges opened the match and the action remained fast paced and hard hitting.


Andy Wild df. Mikey Whiplash.


Lots of good technical stuff, especially from Whiplash who was on some fine form here. Thought Andy Wild's selling of the arm was a bit erratic though. Sort of detracted from things, considering Whiplash was in the Malenko school of being relentless. Good match though.


TJ Rage df. Wolfgang.


Two big guys throwing each other about and hitting hard. Good stuff. Not as good as the previous two matches and thought it was a bit flat.


James Scott df. Noam Dar.


Seems a bit weird having Noam Dar lose and then basically walk into a title shot later on. This was my MOTN though and a brilliant example of what makes these two guys good. Noam Dar in particular is untouchable on this form. He just has "it" right now.


Team Highlander df. The Aggression via DQ.


A bit of a messy brawl, but chaotic enough that it works anyways. The more Aggression the better I say.


Good post-match promo with Charles Boddington having enough of The Aggression, in particular Kid Fite, and some good worked shoot stuff coming from it. Hilarious close to the bone stuff going on here, basically leading to a big five person tag at NBNS.


Carmel df. Kay Lee Ray.


Good as you expect from these two. Probably the most heated match of the night as it looked like they wanted to tear each other a new hole.


Lionheart df. Magnus to retain the BCW Championship.


Solid main event. I don't like Magnus and I didn't see much here to convince me otherwise.


The aftermatch seen Andy Wild and BT Gunn brought into the ring because they interfered, and Lionheart announced a TLC Match for both titles between those three and Noam Dar.


Solid show from start to finish.

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Bit of a delay in review due to work commitments! :) A week + has passed but it is still fresh in my mind.The capacity seems to be around the 200+ mark. Nowhere near the Kevin Nash draw obviously.The terrible weather made getting to the venue very hard.The new BCW announcer is pretty terrible, her voice constantly cracked and we found her hard to understand. I preferred the old MC. Solid opener from Gunn & Xavier. Xavier is the cruiser star of the Aggression stable and hopefully will lead to him improving as an all round character. Bt Gunn hasn't really changed much in the past year but still a decent opener.Wild vs Whiplash was a close second in match of the night honours. I've only seen some of Whiplash previously but his reputation proceeds him. Some great arm work from Whiplash with the firey Andy Wild showing great improvements all round. I was very impressed with both. Wild definitely has the potential to go far.Missed the majority of Tj Rage & Wolfgang as I had to go outside and take a call. Returned and just missed the finish sadly. I do wish Wolfgang would return to the Wolfgang from a few years ago.Next up was Noam Dar vs James ScottMatch of the night for me. Dar has undergone a bit of a transformation since I seen him last. I'm not sure if it's in a good way or not, he comes across to me as a Zak-Sabre-Jnr-Lite * complete with tracksuit top and kickpads now* I'm not sure if this is a deliberate change or he just admires that style. Neat match with Dar working on the legs of Scott and nearly locking in a leg submission only for it to be reversed.6 Man - Agree with the above poster that this was a messy brawl, however anytime Liam thompson and Kid Fite were in the ring the action picked up. I didn't get into the post match antics but It seemed the crowd appreciated it, even if it did go on a bit too long. Carmel Vs LeeRayScotland desperately needs to find some more good women wrestlers. Good female wrestlers are few and far between and this causing the same 3 girls to constantly be wrestling. These 2 along with Nicky Storm are very decent but a fresh injection of talent would be welcome. Lionheart vs Brutus MagnusMagnus earlier attacked the winner of Dar Scott, only to then pose for photographs? This made very little sense to me and took quite a bit away from the hatred towards Brutus. Decent main event with Lionheart as always with a major following in Kilmarnock. Major frog splash for the pinfall victory. The way the main event announcement came around was all a bit strange but BCW like to have ladder matches on No Blood No Sympathy Shows. Double title ladder match featuring Lionheart - Dar - Gun - Wild. It's interesting that the heavyweight champion gets to decide that the Openweight champion must also defend his title :DOverall a top to bottom very entertaining card. Nothing really gripped me in and the lack of storylines outwith The Aggression stable leaves room for improvement.

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The way the main event announcement came around was all a bit strange but BCW like to have ladder matches on No Blood No Sympathy Shows. Double title ladder match featuring Lionheart - Dar - Gun - Wild. It's interesting that the heavyweight champion gets to decide that the Openweight champion must also defend his title

BCW's TLC/Ladder matches tend to be better than most to be fair. I thought the whole angle at the end was a bit odd though. Noam Dar getting a title shot after losing, Lionheart deciding to play comissioner for the night and moaning at Wild and Gunn for helping to even the numbers all struck me as a bit bizarre. I suppose it was just to align the stars for the TLC, but still. It was the build that helped the first BCW TLC match be something pretty special.
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