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WWE RAW 29/08

Ron Simmons

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I could be imagining this or just getting confused with one of his singlet designs, but did he have some shitty dark blue number with a little cartoon of a world on it on account of him being the strongest man in that very object? I'm thinking around the time he was chucking cars about on Smackdown whilst Farooq took bets off Funaki.


Aside from that, the only gear I remember him sporting was that homemade "Rocky Sucks" t-shirt he wore to fool Shamrock before he battered the fuck out of him and joined the Nation.

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I'd pay some serious wing wangs for a Menry doll that spoke, uttering one of his fabulous ranty phrases each time you pressed the button/pulled his string/wound him up. When the man speaks it's pure gold.


"if I charge for air, you keep your bill paid!" Moment of the year by some margin. Really should have been the new 'Austin 3:16'.

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