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FREE wrestling tapes and PowerSlam issues - pickup in Nottingham.


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Don't make me throw this stuff away, would be a waste.


Everything below is going COMPLETELY FREE to anyone who wants to come to my house in Central Nottingham and pick it up.

It's that simple.

PM me if you are interested. I'm not seperating anything, and I'm not posting anything out. If you're coming, you take the lot.


Also included is a whole bunch of PowerSlam magazines from the last few years, about 20 issues.


Original release Videos:

Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

Fighting Fit with Rowdy Roddy Piper

AJPW Bapesta 2002

WCW STarrcade 1990 (Collision Course)

WWE History of Wrestlemania I-IX (DVD Disc only)


Tapes from traders:

Best of Japan TV '98

"Jose's All Japan tape" (go figure)

Super J cup (Benoit-Sasuke)

BJPW Deathmatch Tourney 2001

ECWA Super 8 2001

Saitama Pro Wrestling show

Neo Ladies "7 Chocolates" '98 / Arsion Virgin '98

WrestleXpress 2001 (uk)

Random World of Sport / "This is you life" Big Daddy (uk)

High Impact Wrestling 2001 (uk)

FWA When Thunder Strikes

FWA No Surprises 2

Wild B Browns Wrestlecrap 1

Joshi Summer 2000 / Battlarts - Final Battle

Best of Japan TV Sept '98

Battlearts B*Files

Osaka Pro 2001 mixed

Toryumen tv ' 99

NOAH Exceeding Our Dreams 2000

SMW Superbowl

ECWA Into The Fire 2001

Michinoku Pro TV '98

EWF DDT Zipang Super Show

Toryumon Commercial Tape 1 '98


Ripped VCDs

ROH Undeniable '08

Shimmer Vol. 13

NWA-TNA: IMPACT (first episode)

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