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Calling all Gleeks


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Now, I'm a manly man. I like to dig and drink fruit punch. A few weeks ago, I strolled upon an episode of Glee, and despite my first inclination to run, I watched it. Not only did I watch it, I loved it!


Since then, I've watched two series', got the albums and am trolling for the upcoming concert movie. I love the characters, and light-weight story-line challenges. I adore the songs, and skills of each performer.


My name is Thumpsquids, and I am a Gleek.


Am I alone?

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Fantastic marketing which can't be denied.


The TV series is worse than AIDS and being trapped in a Jockney language class though.... it has possibly the most stereotypical cast of characters for a TV show of this kind. And that includes fucking Hellcats.

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