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SummerSlam Memories


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Memories of Summarslam?


Summerslam was the first WWF event after we got Sky in spring 1992 ready for the Premier League football. Seemed like a really big deal since they'd been talking about it on 'Event Centres' and the weekly TV for months, building up the matches over an extended amount of time so that they really meant something by the time they happened. Of course, in those days there was nothing in between WrestleMania and Summerslam so they could do the weeks of build, instead of situations starting and being rushed to conclusion in 3-4 weeks in order to find something to stick on the next PPV.


Typically, though, our Sky box knackered just a week before the event and the replacement box we got while it was being repaired had no card reader slot (Summerslam was the first PPV on Sky Sports after it moved to being a subscription channel that summer, if I remember correctly). So, we had to go through to my Auntie and Uncle's in Scarborough to watch it.


Summerslam 1993 came right in the middle of us trying to move house. I begged my parents to leave the Sky all hooked up at the old house just an extra couple of days so that I could watch it (the dish wouldn't be able to be installed at the new house for a couple of weeks after). Amazingly, they agreed, I watched Lex beat Yoko by countout, then they ripped Sky out the next day.


There's been some absolute crackers take place on Summerslam cards:


Hart vs. Perfect '91

Savage vs. Warrior '92

Hart vs. Bulldog '92

Hart vs. Hart '94

Ramon vs. Michaels '95

Michaels vs. Vader '96

Helmsley vs. Maivia '98

Austin vs. Angle '01

Triple-H vs. Michaels '02

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Test vs. Shane, Love Her Or Leave Her.


I'm not joking when I say this is probably the match I have ever been most emotionally invested in. 12 year old LaGoosh was dying for Shane to get his deserved punishment. A truly great sports-entertainment stlye match and to this day it holds up. I'm not joking when I say it's a 5 star match.

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Besides the usual highly praised stuff I absolutely love the Bret Hart vs. Doink/Jerry Lawler match from '93. Very intense match. Every match Bret had at Summerslam was great.


'98 was pretty cool at the time. The Highway To Hell theme was cool and the Val/D-Lo opener was quality as been mentioned. Edge made his PPV debut and the IC Ladder match was awesome.

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The pure level of storytelling going on in the Bret/Taker match with Michaels as guest ref. That's still probably my favourite Summerslam moment or match...

The first time I ever saw Vader was Summerslam '96, and I'm not sure whether I'm looking at it through rose tinted glasses but I remember that being amazing; personally I thought the restarts added to the excitement.

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My best memories are of Summerslam 91. It's maybe just nostalgia talking, but there was an aura about it in those days, even the look of it added to the big time feel, with the great graphics, logos, music and presentation, and the great build up to it as you tuned in every week for the report waiting to hear if another match had been added.


The wrestling action was top drawer too, and with the exception of the main event and lack of any kind of Taker/Warrior blowoff which i've moaned about before, it pretty much all holds up today. Bossman/Mountie, LOD/Nasties and Virgil/Dibiase were perfect, Hitman/Perfect was one of the best matches i had ever seen at that point, and the opener was ideal for getting the crowd het up.


Even all the little things; The Mountie vignettes; Sir Alfred dingying Stu Hart; Piper, Weasel and Monsoon on commentary; The Brain getting the door slammed on his face; the great pre and post match promos they used to do in those days (against the blue background or in the locker room), all the way down to those brilliant comic book Prime-Time adverts which aired on every break!


Summerslam 91 was the shit for me as a kid. 1990 was too, but watching it today, it's just plain shit.


1991 is probably not my favourite one now though, that goes to 1989. I only wish I had saw it at the time rather than about 10 years later. 1992, 2000 and 2002 were class as well.


My fave matches would be HBK/Triple H from 2002, followed by Hitman/Bulldog, Hitman/Perfect, Hitman/Owen, Warrior/Rude, Savage/Warrior and HBK/Razor


Fave tag would probably be Harts/Brainbusters edging out Harts/Demolition ('90)


And underappreciated matches would include Hitman/Yankem, Skip/Horowitz, Razor/Diesel, and the Steiners match and 6 man from summerslam 93.

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The Summerslam 2000 TLC match deserves a mention. I also like the lions den match from the previous year between Shamrock and Blackman.


My absolute favourite Sumemrslam moment has to be all of 1992's event, no self respecting British fan should look at that event with anything but fondness. As a 7 year old kid it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen. Savage vs Warrior was brilliant as is Davey vs Bret but my highlight was always Undertaker vs Kamala. On hindsight it my not be the greatest match ever and I'd have prefered a clean taker victory but everything about that match, the hearse driving down the aisle, the sit-up, chasing Kamala back to the locker room made my jaw drop as a kid, watching it on the floor of my Nan's living room. Good times.

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im an old school wwf fan so heres my memories/highlights


warrior/rude 89

warrior/rude 90

harts demolition 90

bret perfect 91

bossman mountie 91

virgil dibiase 91

razor diesel 94

123 vs hakushi 95


dibiase buying sapphire "and dusty rhodes, what are you gonna do about it hahahahaha"

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My favourite Summerslam memory has to be the main event of 97, Bret vs Taker. Just a brilliant hard hitting match, with an awesome finish. The storytelling in this one was spot on and the look Bret gives HBK as he goes to make the 3 count is the WWF at it's very finest.

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