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Preston City Wrestling - Road To Glory 23/09/11


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Preston City Wrestling presents Road To Glory


See us crown our first ever champion!


PCW Championship Semi Final Matches















Venue: Lava Ignite, Church Street, Preston

5 mins from the train station, 5mins from bus station, 5mins from the Travelodge or Premier Inn


Cheap drinks at the venue! last show was

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Noam Dar v Joey Hayes - winner Noam Dar

Hammer v 3 men - winner Hammer

Disco Madness v Blackpool Blondes - winner Disco Madness

T Bone v Travis - winner T Bone

Lionheart v Jack Gallagher - winner Lionheart

Dave Rayne v Davey Blaze - winner Dave Rayne

Noam Dar v T Bone - winner and new champion T Bone

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Very good show, and set up the next show extremely well.


Lionheart distracted Joey Hayes in the first match


T-Bone endorsed Trav, in essence turning him face to be on the PCW team


Lionheart gave a cracking promo on Trav and announced Last Man Standing for PCW vs PBW


Dave Blaze (wearing a PNE shirt) answered Dave Raynes open challenge, was confronted by Lionheart and Noam Dar, and removed the PNE shirt, revealing a PBW top, and Lionheart superkicked Dave Rayne.


Lionheart and Dave Blaze were trying to cheat in the main event, and were chased off by Trav, The Hammer, Disco Madness and Jack Gallagher

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