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adam bowler

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Armley Liberal Club

Armley Lodge Road


West Yorkshire

LS12 2AT


APB Wrestling are pleased to announce there debut show featuring many of the top uk stars, this show is already fully booked including various talent from the ukff top 50 from last year. In the last few weeks I have learnt many hard lessons but have been getting advice from a few respected promoters and will be at there shows in the coming months gaining valuable experience that I need to run a successful show. I understand that I have become a laughing stock on UKFF and have brought people on board to help with the internet side of things however my main focus will be local but would not want to exclude the potential internet fans. I would like to thank everyone for all the feedback I have received good and bad and feel that although I need to gain experience that I do know how to at least book a great card and if nothing else I know my show will have fantastic talent who will put on a great show !




We are really excited to announce our first name confirmed for the show is T-BONE . With out a doubt one of the fastest rising stars on the British scene representing top promotions like IPW:UK , Southside , VPW , WAW and All Star . T-Bone is just one of the many top guys confirmed - stay tuned for more names coming soon !


Also announced so far...


Dylan Roberts

Mad Man Manson

Kris Travis

Robbie X

Dara Diablo



Tickets Prices


Front Row -

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See mate now this is how you should be doing things, this looks like something to keep an eye on now. Laughed at the show name as well, any chance that was an inside joke between you and the UKFF guys after the past few weeks? If it was I'm glad to see you're able to take things a little less seriously now.


Great first name announced as well. Bone is hugely improved and a plus to any show.


Well done mate, it is genuinly good to see things are going right with this now.

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Wait, this show is called.... "MENTAL MAYHEM"?!?!? That's hilarious.


Having said that, apart from the awful show title and a there/their/they're error, that's a pretty decent effort at a release and the most professional thing this clown has published under his name so far.

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