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Goldberg Returning


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If it does come true, why the hell is Goldberg returning to wrestling? It's 2011 for fuck's sake.

Goldberg's went on record several times that he wants to have one last match mainly because he now has a son that has never seen him wrestle live. He's also said that while he would like to have one final match he wouldn't do it unless it was done his way (i.e. for lots of money, in front of a big crowd and with him going over). Whether or not somebody is willing to meet his demands that remains to be seen.


Goldberg back for one more match in 2011? I am and have always been a major Goldberg mark so I'd love for that to happen but I'll believe it when I see it. Until then I'm taking this as Goldberg having fun and joking around with the guy asking the question.

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