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XWA LastFight at the Prom - Saturday October 8

Victor Is God

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...just a great live show of UK wrestling, from one of the UK's longest-serving and most trusted promoters, in one of the best atmospheres on the British wrestling circuit. And it's part of a full weekend of live wrestling in the North West, so what could be better?


XWA LAST FIGHT AT THE PROM takes place on Saturday October 8 2011 at The Carleton, The Alhambra Buildings, Marine Road West, Morecambe, Lancashire.


Tickets are now on sale for XWA LASTFIGHT AT THE PROM 2011 including a star studded main event featuring six of British Wrestling's very best battling it out when the stakes are at their highest in THE POWER GAME.


Sam Slam, 'Psychotic Warrior' Johnny Phere and 'Heavyweight House of Pain' Stixx versus

The Ascension (Alex Shane), Colossus and 'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz (with Greg 'The Truth' Lambert)


If The Ascension's team wins, Sam Slam must hand over power in the XWA to The Authority.

But if Sam's team wins, whoever scores the pinfall will receive an XWA Title shot against The Ascension at Goldrush 2012.


Other matches already signed:



RockStar Spud v Axl Rage of The Blackpool Blonds



El Ligero v Ricky J McKenzie v 'Serious' CJ Banks

XWA Best of the North West Champion Jynkz will be special guest timekeeper. The winner is his next challenger!



Joey Hayes v Max Angelus



'The Manchester Devil' Declan O'Connor v JD Sassoon



Stallion (appointed by Greg 'The Truth' Lambert) and 'Vocal Terrorist' Jesse Ellis (appointed by Sam Slam)!


You can buy tickets at the XWA website




Tickets cost

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For local fans, tickets have now gone on sale from Morecambe outlets.


The Carleton, Alhambra Buildings, Marine Road West, Morecambe - 01524 414224


Morecambe Visitor Information Centre, Marine Road Central, Morecambe - 01524 582808


Ma Murphy's Irish Pub, Lines Street, Morecambe

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Greg Lambert on all-time great managers list

Thursday, 11 August 2011 21:04


XWA owner Greg 'The Truth' Lambert has been named the 20th best wrestling manager of all-time in a list of the Top 25 managers by respected pro wrestling fanzine The Wrestling Press.




'The Truth' was rated ahead of some of the greatest wrestling managers of all-time in the list, including the late Sensational Sherri Martel and former ECW mouthpieces Don Callis and Joel Gertner.


In his eight-year managerial career, Lambert has managed some of the biggest names in British wrestling including former WWE stars Paul Burchill and Hade Vansen, 'Bad Boy of British Wrestling' Jon Ryan, Drew McDonald, current FutureShock Champion Dave Rayne, former three-time FWA British Tag Team Champions The Family and reigning XWA British Heavyweight Champion and former two-time FWA Champion Alex Shane.


Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan finished number one in the list, compiled by The Wrestling Press reporter Andrew Dixon.


Mr Dixon wrote of Lambert: "One of the great British managers, Lambert led the much hated Family in the FWA, being the forefront of the group with some killer promos. Since then he has featured in the XWA and new FWA aligned with Alex Shane. I cannot fault the man at all."




Mr Lambert said of the accolade. "I would love to be able to say that I am humbled and proud to have been chosen on such a list of my managerial heroes and contemporaries. But Dean Ayass at number 13? Seven places above me? That sticks in my craw. All I can say is, Ayass's managerial career is over, while I'm still out there collecting championships, making money and controlling the landscape of the British wrestling scene like no UK manager has ever done before! And I vow that the next time such a list is published, I will have usurped 'The Twisted Genius' as the greatest wrestling manager Great Britain has ever produced!"


You can download the free The Wrestling Press e-zine by going to http://thewrestlingpress.com/?p=5282 and clicking on one of the download options.


The full list is as follows:


1) Bobby Heenan


2) Gary Hart


3) Paul Bearer


4) Jim Cornette


5) Paul Ellering


6) The Grand Wizard


7) Freddie Blassie


8) Vickie Guerrero


9) Captain Lou Albano


10) Jimmy Hart


11) Bill Alfonso


12) Paul Heyman


13) Dean Ayass


14) Mr Fuji


15) Miss Elizabeth


16) Billy Gram


17) Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch


18) Jim Mitchell


19) Armando Estrada


20) Greg 'The Truth' Lambert


21) Don Callis


22) Joel Gertner


23) Dewey Donovan


24) Sensational Sherri Martel


25) Charles Boddington


You can see Greg Lambert when he manages The Ascension and his team-mates Colossus and 'Showstealer' Nathan Cruz at XWA Last Fight at the Prom on Saturday, October 8 at The Carleton in Morecambe.



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Not that I think Greg Lambert isn't a really great pro wrestling heel manager character, because he clearly is, but I can honestly say I've never even heard of The Wrestling Press....



i beLIEve its a big seller in Sainsburys in Morecambe a mere 300 yards from said managers house!!! :rolleyes:

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Are you ready for The Power Game?

Friday, 19 August 2011 11:29


In our latest piece of exclusive footage from our last show at The Carleton in Morecambe, XWA War on the Shore VII, you can see how the challenge was made for the main event of our next show XWA LastFight at the Prom - the six-man tag team showdown known as The Power Game.


Dramatic events unfolded at the conclusion of the show following the controversial main event which saw Stixx denied his rightful chance to become XWA and FWA Champion. Sam Slam and Stixx were attacked by The Authority only for Johnny Phere to come to the rescue. But then British Heavyweight Champion The Ascension had some words for the XWA's three biggest heroes.


You can watch the video here:



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CJ Banks named as RJM's tag partner

Tuesday, 30 August 2011 11:16


'Serious' CJ Banks has today been named as the tag team partner of Ricky J McKenzie to face the high-flying team of champions of El Ligero and Jynkz at XWA LastFight at the Prom on Saturday October 8.






RJM is desperate to win this match so he can finally score a victory over the new XWA Best of the North West Champion Jynkz, who has scored three straight victories over the bald Blackpudlian. So he has picked one of British Wrestling's very best in Banks to be his partner.


Banks also has a storied history with British Flyweight Champion El Ligero. They have faced each other many many times on the UK circuit. Few people know the masked Mexican sensation better than CJ Banks.


Jynkz and Ligero are both risk-taking daredevils while RJM and Banks are both athletic and crisp performers in the wrestling ring. This could well be a classic.

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Declan makes kidnap claims!

Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:54


Declan O'Connor has made startling allegations that he missed XWA War on the Shore only because he was attacked by an unknown assailant or assailants backstage before the show and then ABDUCTED...




'The Manchester Devil' (above) says he remembers arriving at the venue on June 4, a claim corroborated by his friend and XWA Master of Ceremonies Richard Parker who says he rode with Declan to The Carleton that day. But O'Connor says that after Parker dropped him off and then went to get some food, he was jumped some time after entering the building. He remembers nothing of the assault and cannot identify the culprit or culprits.


The next thing he recalls is waking up inside the boot of a moving car, blindfolded, with his hands bound and his mouth gagged. O'Connor claims that when the car eventually stopped, he was then dragged out of the vehicle by an unknown individual, given another beating and then untied. He heard the car driving off, and was able to remove the gag and blindfold, but only to find that the vehicle had gone and he had been dumped on wasteland in the middle of nowhere. His mobile phone and watch had also been stolen.


Declan's story is that he had to walk for 10 miles to eventually find a main road and then realised from road signs that he had been dumped on the outskirts of Manchester, close to his home. Unable to flag down any passing motorists, Declan had to walk all the way home. When he finally arrived back it was close to midnight and War on the Shore had long finished. He then says he was shocked to find his mobile phone had been posted through the letter box of his flat. But the battery was dead so he could not contact XWA officials to notify them of what had happened nor get a message to his former best friend and tag team partner Joey Hayes to explain the reason for his absence. If you recall, Declan was scheduled to meet with Joey during the show in an attempt to iron out their differences and possibly put The Manchester Massive tag team back together.


O'Connor is believed to have reported the alleged assault and abduction to XWA management the following day. But the incident has not been reported to the police. This would indicate that XWA officials are not taking Declan's claims seriously. As O'Connor was not booked to wrestle at War on the Shore and was supposed to be there on personal business he will not face any internal discplinary action for missing the show. Declan has also himself not reported the incident to the authorities. He says this is because he doesn't have the best of relationships with the police.


Declan has also been in contact with Joey Hayes since the incident in an attempt to explain himself. But sources have told us that Joey does not believe Declan's story. Hayes thinks Declan simply got cold feet about their meeting and left The Carleton before the show started to go back to Manchester - although O'Connor strongly denies this. But given Declan's past history of untrustworthy behaviour, is it any wonder that Joey doesn't believe him?


O'Connor says he believes the alleged attack and abuction were arranged by somebody who did not want him to be at the show and who does not want The Manchester Massive to get back together. He has named the individuals who he believes are responsible but as these individuals have alibis and have strongly refuted Declan's claims we cannot name them for legal reasons.


What we do know is that Declan has said that he will be at XWA LastFight at the Prom on Saturday October 8 come hell or high water. And he has promised that by the end of the night, someone is going to pay for what he claims happened to him on the night of War of the Shore...and pay dearly!

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POLL RESULTS! Sam's comeback wins!

Thursday, 01 September 2011 15:08


The comeback of XWA co-owner Sam Slam has been voted YOUR favourite match from XWA War on the Shore VII!


The popular People's Champion's crushing victory over the mammoth Cyanide, which culminated with an astonishing S-5 to the 400lb Toxic Terror, received 27.3% of the vote in our poll at www.xwawrestling.com, narrowly beating The Blackpool Blonds' upset win over Joey Hayes and El Ligero which received 26% of the vote.






The main event XWA and FWA Championship battle between Stixx and David Deville came third with 17.7% followed by many industry experts' choice for match of the night, the Pro Wrestling:EVE encounter between Jenny Sjodin and Britani Knight, who is reportedly set to join World Wrestling Entertainment.


The DVD for XWA War on the Shore VII will be available to buy for the first time at XWA LastFight at the Prom on Saturday, October 8 at The Carleton in Morecambe.


And we now have a brand new poll up on our website homepage www.xwawrestling.com - so get voting now!


Sam Slam will be in action at XWA LastFight at the Prom on October 8 in the Power Game six-man main event.

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