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G1Climax 23 事事しい、旅 Air Raid


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Promised I wouldnt start this up til I actually get to some shows, but the what the hell.


Wrestling excitement aside, I am of course in love with many things I've encountered so far - grape Fanta, crazy Japanglish that makes no sense ("Pure Lucky Girl Charm!"), potato in creamy wasabi, shop in Futamatagawa that sells EVERYTHING (including my new Green Zyuranger PVC), being stared at by Coffee Boss insisting it's Suntory time, girls blushing at me and giggling. Pity pulling anyone my host works with would be dishonourable, because I reckon I could... but hey, I'm here for business as well as pleasure.


So far, hooked up for five nights of G1 and the Fire Festival final. My host tells me "a friend of a friend who works there" has hooked us up tickets to the JWP show the early afternoon of the FF. She turns out to be Hailey Hatred, who is wrestling in the main event, and my favourite womans wrestler currently active, Meiko Satomura, is teaming fellow GAEA alumni Ran YuYu and Toshie Uematsu in the semi. In addition, I had no idea until arriving here that Apollo 55 v Golden Lovers has been added to the last night of the G1 tour which has eradicated my despair when the original lineups made me think I was being denied Devitt.


So, in summary, I get to see all the big names of the New Japan heavyweight scene including the G1 finals, my hopes of seeing a big Devitt match have come true, I get to see Masato Tanaka v Daisuke Sekimoto (as well as whatever the final turns out to be), and I get to see Meiko.


Couldn't have asked for more.

To be continued.


"Umm.... 'Dragonzord' wa doko desuka?"

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Oh please. There's more to life than panty dispensers and 9 yr old wrestlers.



ha, class.


But is there more to life that tobacco tins with a picture of a child and his dog with the phrase "i want to eat something so much"?


Oh aye, air raid - if you get a chance... visit 'Donkey Burger'... its not how it sounds, and is completely lush.

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There's a french restaurant called 'Benoit' nearby to MSG.


As already mentioned Air Raid, I am infinitely envious of you.


Which G1 shows are you going too?


I'm managing to keep spoiler-free and have watched half of day 1. Hoping the other shows end up online sharpish.


I think what I'm most jealous of you for, is not being able to see Apollo 55 vs Golden Lovers IV, but getting to see Fujita "Jr" Hayato live. I love that kicky little bastard.

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