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Marvel Mafia Sign Up Thread

Snake Plissken

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Snake Plissken, Stan Lee & Disney present Marvel Mafia!!




The City is beseiged with escaping villans & the streets are no longer safe. Superheroes are required and thats where you come in. Sign up below to become part of Marvels newest superhero faction.


(Please note that the game and characters come from no specific time frame or storyline of the marvel universe but can possibly feature any or all incarnations of several characters and also specific storylines for game mechanics purposes only.)


1. Lion of the Midlands

2. Teedy Kay

3. Ron Simmons

4. Spotlightmagnet1

5. Unfitfinlay

6. TripleA

7. Gmoney

8. Seph

9. Kenny McBride

10. Swiftstrike

11. Brownie

12. andrew "the ref" coyne

13. Chris B

14. Vipes

15. Andrew the Giant



1. Dazz

2. Chris Stone


Requests for specific characters that may or may not already be in the planned setup will be noted, but you may or may not get your chosen character. So don't complain at the mod!

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