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ROH impact on mainstream


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Look how many of these ROH originals are now stars or have at one time been stars in The big 2.



Abyss - TNA's Main Monster

A.J. Styles - TNA's main non WWE star with the exception of sting

Alex Shelley - One half of TNA's second best tag team

The Amazing Red - High spot Monkey of TNA

Austin Aries - Looks to be theX division next legit star

Bryan Danielson / American Dragon - WWE U.S. Champ, super worker and championship challenger at next years wrestlemania

Chris Sabin - One half of TNA tag team and original x division player

Christopher Daniels - TNA stalwart

CM Punk - Biggest star in WWE at present

Doug Williams - One half of succesful TNA tag team.

Hotstuff Hernandez / Hernandez - LAX hottest heel act in wrestling at one point

Jack Evans - TNA's new high spot monkey

James Gibson - AKA jamie noble, learned to work in roh before a return to wwe

Jay Lethal / Hydro - Super over X division star

Jerry Lynn - keeps showing he still has it, good match at destination x this year

Jimmy Rave - TNA jobber and one half of unsuccesful tag team.

Jimmy Yang - In WWE many years, so and so run. Jobber

Joey Matthews - One half of M'n'M which led to the discovery of one of the most innovative wrestlers of recent years (morrison)

Low Ki - NXT season 2 winner and one of TNA's best x division talents

Matt Cross - Tough enough season one flop

Matt Stryker - Now a WWE manager, presenter and commentator

Matt Sydal - Evan bourne in WWE, having some good runs

Michael Shane - Over achiever in TNA

Nigel McGuinness - initial run with kurt angle in TNA was exceptional

Paul London - Good tag team wrestler in wwe, also competant singles performer

Samoa Joe - Possibly Most over with TNA's fans at his peak and responsible for TNA best buy rate

Sonjay Dutt - Good x division wrestler

Spanky Brian Kendrick - WWE cruiser and tag performer. Current X division champ

Tyler Black - In WWE developmental

Colt Cabana - Dud run in wwe that didnt let him show true potential

Kings of wrestling - Good reignite WWE tag division

Lucy - Daffney, hardcore knockout

Alexis laree- Mickie James. Womens champ in 2 companies

Trinity - Acrobatic ECWWE and TNA lady

Becky Bayless - Cookie to Robbie E in TNA

Amazing Kong - Kharma, one of the best women in wrestling for long time

Homicide - See hernandez

Daivari - WWE heel manager and x division

Petey williams - Most over finisher in tna

Young Bucks - yeah they failed in tna. need a new look



I did not spot any others and if you have please identify them. What are your overall thoughts on the effect that ROH has had on the overall landscape of professional wrestling/sports entertainment? Has it changed the way any company do things or do you think we would be where we are today inspite of ROH

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Is this thread serious? I'd heard of Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Yang, Doug Williams, Joey Matthews, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Brian Kendrick, Daffney, Paul London and Bryan Danielson before Ring of Honor even existed. Then your putting Abyss, Awesome Kong, Chris Hero, Mickie James, Daivari, Hernandez and Jamie Noble in with that group of "originals"? Its an indy fed that books wrestlers. There was always indy darlings and talented wrestlers around before Ring of Honor. If it wasnt Ring of Honor booking them, someone else would be.

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Ive read that Kings of Wrestling have indeed signed. Apparently they will be on our screens by october the latest. Theyve got to finish off their commitments with ROH and then they are going to Bypass developmental straight on to the main roster. thats the latest ive read

hopefully its the truth

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Joey Matthews - One half of M'n'M which led to the discovery of one of the most innovative wrestlers of recent years (morrison)
That's glorious stuff right there. His effort to make MAtthews look good was he was part of a tag team where the other guy went on to stardom. He's not even the Jannety, that's an insult to Marty Jannety
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