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Raw starts at 2am.




- Tonight's WWE RAW will take place from the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia and feature the finals of the WWE Title tournament between Rey Mysterio and The Miz. It should be noted that WWE's website is advertising Triple H for tonight's show.


WWE released an updated preview to the Hampton Coliseum last week where CM Punk is advertised:


"He had a Vision ... and created an Empire, a Global Phenomenon ... but, for Vincent Kennedy McMahon, it's ... All ... Over. This Monday, the Game has changed and HHH is in Charge. In The WWE Championship Tournament finals, The High-Flying, Ultimate Underdog, Rey Mysterio Battles the Self-Proclaimed most must see Superstar, The Miz. Who will be the first WWE Champion in the post McMahon Era? Also there: John Cena, CM Punk, Money In The Bank Winner Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, "The All American-American" Jack Swagger, Dolph, Ziggler, Santino Marella,Vladimir Kozlov, Kelly Kelly, The Bella's, Zack Ryder and MANY, MANY MORE!!! *Card subject to change"

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How is it generic when it specifically mentions all the McMahon/HHH stuff?


But yeh it doesn't mean Zack Ryder is gonna be on Raw as that's for the arena, so just means he'll be on the live show, and even then, it still doesn't mean he will be.


He usually appears on Superstars which is filmed before RAW.

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Hope Miz wins the belt back, but obviously this is all part of something much larger, so I suppose the result on this evening is largely irrelevant. I just miss Miz being the WWE Champion, he should pretty much have that role and title forever.


Once again looking forward to watching Raw just to watch the non-development (and thus, development) of a storyline featuring a character who won't appear. And then looking forward to doing the same next week. Wrestling's a funny old game sometimes.


Actually, I'm sort of kind of interested in new owner Triple H, but not that much.

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