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When you take being a fan too far?

Ez Money

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Guessing this guy is Canadian. The tatts are obviously


2.Bret the Hitman Hart

3.Shawn Michaels

4.The Rock

5.Stone Cold Steve Austin

6.Triple H

7.Brock Lesner

8.Chris Jericho

9.Chris Benoit

10.Owen Hart

11.The Mountie???

12.Randy Orton

13.Rey Mysterio


15.Hulk Hogan


Reckon Edge & Christian are next up.

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If I had to put money on it, I'd say Martel. They are all Canadians on his chest as well, so he might have some thing for The Model. I expect he has Pierre Oulette tattooed on the inside of his left thigh. Looks fuck all like Rick Martel, to be honest, but it has enough characteristics for me to say Martel.

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Judging by the horrible job of some of those portraits. I would say it is a possibility the tattooist made a piss poor job of the eyes and put the shades on to cover the botch.


I actually thought of that myself when trying to suss out who it was.



With this said I hope it is a Mountie tattoo just because it is more hilarious. :laugh:


Aye, I bet there

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