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Men who refuse to go bald gracefully

Tommy Atkins

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Hogan went bald about 30 years ago though. That isnt hair on top on his head. Having a horseshoe isnt exactly graceful, is it? That back flow is part of his public image. He'd be naked without it. It would be like telling Frankenstein the bolts in his neck looks like shit. Hogan is bald.


Stuff like this is not going bald gracefully. Looks like a birds nest.


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I must never let an opportunity to make fun of this man pass me by...




I take less pleasure in drawing attention to this man, but let's face it, he's still going to be frantically brushing that little bit at the front forward in ten years' time, isn't he?



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Not sure if he's technically hiding it but Zurab Khivinishvili (sp?) has possibly the most bizarre hair/bald patch combo out there. I forget which game it was I was watching but from the front he looked like he had perfectly normal cropped hair that betrayed the massive bald patch that appeared the instant he turned his head.

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