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wXw/BJW/CZW/Fight Club: PRO "Project Mayhem"


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After posting this in the Comments thread on the main page, I thought it makes sense to make this as an actual event as well. If people find more information about it, they can stick it in here.


The information I've put below is straight from the German press release and I've just given the dates, location, times and prices instead of the lovely chunk of German as well.


Ort: Wolverhampton, England

Datum: 23.09.2011


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I swear 1PW where originally ment to host CZW. Seems as if they have fucked them to.


They were. The actual press release says (in German obviously) "1PW proved themselves to be an unreliable partner". I doubt we'd get a better explanation than that. Press release didn't say where tickets could be bought from. I'll have a look around but if anyone else finds it beforehand, please share.

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I was not impressed with the one CZW show in Germany so I'll have to wait and see if im going to attempt to attend this. I well enjoyed wXw: Gorefest vs. Tournament of Death mind, even had commentary from Zach Sabre Jr. of all people. Jon Ryan took an absolute battering!


So basically if its just a wrestling show no thanks, however deathmatches? I'm there!

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