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thinking of starting an ebay store business


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Am thinking bout starting my own business off on ebay by selling dvds , this is in the very early days of planning to be honest. My plan of action first is to get a job (yes i am one of those student, with a degree and master who carn't find work), then after say 4 to 6 months of putting money to one side whilst working begin the early devolpment of the webstore on ebay.


However, from now and till said money has been saved am goining to conduct extensive research, into the area, i know a friend of my mine sells games this might be an option, he sells me new release games a few days after they have come out for

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Its a good idea in theory the dog work can be horrendous though, chasing up distribs bargaining and depending on the units shifting then you have to stay ahead of the game and source cheap stock as well to make a profit and circumvent those pesky ebay fees. It can mean you put a lot of hours in for the tiniest minscule of profit to start with


Then there is packing and posting them.


Dvd's are a strange one as the format is trying to be killed off by Blu-Ray, but last time I check new sales hadnt fallen through the floor but were shrinking significantly. With the advent of On Demand services I suspect that DVD/Blu-Ray may be the last big physical format anyway. Some DVD's like Criterion ones are quite niche and you may want to specialise. What with the likes of Overstock's cornering the market on Amazon, you would do well to check out other means of selling them as well. Should you find a good dependable distributor and getting movies or DVD's that will sell.


It is possible take Spence.77 for example he has almost singlehandedly cornered the market in Sega Mega CD sales and 32x sales in the uk. Him and one or two others basically list about 60-75% of each market each month and force the prices ( though he denies this, he has been pulled on it on various forums and discussion boards with examples that Im quite happy to say that what he is doing. However if he makes money then fairplay no matter how shady things are) So it can be done but where the listings are in the hundreds rather than the thousands or tens of thousands each month.


Worth bearing in mind

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