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Cruiserweight Title

Lucha Britannia

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I’ll tell you what McMahon should do, instead of throwing cruiserweights into unadvertised PPV opening Battle Royals; he should start a darts division.


"NXT Bullseye", with Michael Cole, Maryse and Jim Bowen




A never-ending feud with Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown.




A romance angle with The Bellas.




A brand new dishwasher.

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Just looking at WWE's current roster, seems like a perfect time to have the Cruiserweight belt back. Sin Cara, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Trent Baretta, Justin Gabriel, Curt Hawkins (needs to be used more!), The Uso's, Heath Slater, JTG, Daniel Bryan, Yoshi Tatsu could all be part of the division and give alot of them something to actully do!


Or is it a case of too many belts already (personally I would ditch the US title) and Vince never seemed to have a great deal of love for the cruisers.


What do you think?



all of those above are good enough to be at least contenders for the us or intercontinental title. wwe should concentrate on the belts they have at the moment

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The problem is that he always jumps to the biggest conclusions. Nobody said "hey, should WWE bring back a Cruiser division, and then stick it on Superstars and treat it like shit?". No. That wasn't the discussion, but he jumps in with a million reasons why it's doomed from the start, and who cares because only workrate fappers care about them anyway.


The discussion was "should WWE bring back the Cruiserweight title?" Not "should WWE bring back the Cruiserweight title and turn into ROH?" Not "Could a hypothetical fictional mainstream American wrestling company the size of WWE promote a cruiserweight division?" It was about actual WWE. Unless you're going off into a magical fantasy land where WWE would promote Daniel Bryan vs Justin Gabriel as though it's Cena vs Orton, then it's fairly obvious how a Cruiserweight title would end up if that company brought it back. This isn't down to my preferences -- anyone who's read any of my posts should know I've far more interest in a Bryan vs Gabriel match than I have in another Cena vs Orton (at least until Smackdown does Bryan vs Gabriel every week for two months).


The Michaels comparison is more to the point that if he came along now, he'd be a Cruiserweight

Especially if there was a cruiserweight division/title to box him into.


And I reckon anyone who can get so angry and insulting towards people who enjoy a style that isn't the mainstream's definition of worthwhile clearly isn't as big a supporter of the sport as you'd think.

I'm enough of a fan to be able to enjoy wrestling without having to try and justify it by pretending it's a sport. Also, I've no problem with whatever style of wrestling anyone enjoys. It's when the mongols start the "WWE/TNA should be like this niche subset of wrestling I enjoy" shit that I start mocking.


Let's not forget that WWE turns off a LOT more people than it turns on (and probably more than it has EVER turned on).

So has every wrestling company ever. None of them have ever had more than 50% of the planet as fans. It's stupid that you'd even raise it as though it's a point.


McMahon's homogenisation of the industry has more or less killed the business worldwide. Anyone who can't see that clearly isn't as smart as he thinks.

Yes, but unless you're a full moron, you understand how it killed the business worldwide: Because their show made every other promotion look like shit in comparison, and they can't be everywhere at once. Even Dirty Eddie understands that, and he's nearly as bad as you.


And you can apply that for over here too. Before the WWF came along and made our stuff look small time on TV, there were loads of full-time brit wrestlers making good money, and decent sized crowds for shows on a weekly basis all over the country. It was a television institution for years, pulling big ratings.


So, Kenny, it was stupid of you to throw that "fact" out there as an attempt at criticising what WWE does in comparison to what other wrestling companies do. If those other companies were getting it right and WWE was getting it wrong, the fanbase would reflect it. And making some stupid "oh so Justin Bieber must be best musician evar lolz" comparison doesn't work, because this discussion is about WWE bringing back a belt and appealing to the mainstream audience they covet, not bringing back a belt and appealing to a niche audience of armchair critics like you or me.


Anyway, Duke's talked the most sense in the thread:

If we make the assumption that they'd book everything correctly then the cruiser title wouldnt be of any use because they wouldnt need it.


I guess what I'm trying to say is, the only reason that a new title seems like a good idea now is because the other titles are no good.

There's absolutely nothing stopping the likes of Evan Bourne wrestling for the IC or US title, if management want him wrestling for belts.


King PITCOS doesn't have friends? Really?

On here? No. You may not have noticed, but I'm not very nice. I'm on amicable or at least civil terms with all of the decent posters (besides Carbomb sometimes), and also with Richie Freebird. But I don't have friends here, by any means.


In real life, however? Also no. I'm a cunt there too.

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