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WE WEREN'T BORN TO FOLLOW Sat 10th September Chesterfield

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'The Scorpion' Alan Johnson won a Battle Royale to be named #1 contender for the CSW Openweight title and would fight the champion, Johnny Midnight in the main event.


'The Poison' Paul Parisio defeated Solid Scott Rogue


Shaun 'The Hammer' Davies, Bob 'the Earl' Shoiure & 'Angry' Shaun Cross beat 'Dangerous' Danny Debris, Sabotage and 'The Pigman' Andy Hogg


'Flawless' Carter Jay defeated 'Teen Spirit' Joey D Generate


Mikey Van Riot beat 'Wonderboy' Domtastic Dom Black 'The Tenacious D' by DQ


Johnny Midnight bested 'The Scorpion' Alan Johnson to retain the CSW Openweight Championship.

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