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Change one letter in a wrestler's name


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Rapo Man


ARS (irish version of IRS)


123 skid (good partner for Sparky Plugg)


Big Toss Man


Kate (kane)


Fart Gunn


Wam Bam Bigelow


The Powers of Vain


Alberto del Riot


Bonker T


The Fig Show (fruit based wrestler, ever been done before?)

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Indeed, gmoney doesn't quite get the game. You've come up with some good'uns, however :thumbsup:


Cheeky fuck. "adding, removing or replacing just one letter in a wrestler's name, can you come up with a vastly improved moniker, or one that would be an instant career killer"


I have obeyed the laws set down in the OP, so nerr.


EDIT: Fair play actually, I ballsed up on the Stan Hansen one.

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