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Change one letter in a wrestler's name


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A lot of these have added two letters like Katie Lea Churchill.

Indeed, gmoney doesn't quite get the game. You've come up with some good'uns, however :thumbsup:


Brother Cunt

Sycho Sod

Tiger Jeet Mingh

Flush Barker

Dumbo Tsuruta

Giant Baga

Kids Chocolate


Edit: after I saw my post, from looking at my sig I got Blue Lemon

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Musty Rhodes


Max Poon


Bobby "The Brail" Heenan


Brock Cesnar


Dolly Holly








Wig Josh


Big Laddy


Awesome Mong

Okay they are a bit shite

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Michael Hole - shit

Michael Cold - shit

Michael Dole - shit

Michael Colt - shit

Michale Ole... new spanish announcer!


The Ultimate Worrier


Hooker T - probably an improvement tbf


Trash Stratus

Trish Strapus


Fuck I suck at this...


Snotty 2 Hotty (his worm is fucking sick)


C'Lo Brown (not green)


The Nasty Boys "Brian knobs and Jerry Gags".... ah, I fucking redeem myself with that one.


Tugbloat... back to shit again

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