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The Apple iBox

Steve Justice

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I was thinking about this same thing the other day. I can see it happening, not in the near future, but in the future say in 10 years time if their success starts to dwindle, they'll try and reignite it by entering another market. Perhaps incorporating an app store to download games rather than buying them in store.

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I'm not even talking downloading games, as you'd need a large harddrive on the console. I'm talking about literally playing live - all the processing of the game is done remotely, you just get sent 60fps of visuals plus audio.


The tech already exists:




That is what cloud computing is. Mos think of it as hosting... and, as you probably know, it's way more than that.


I've been developing within SOA for years now. It's about time the cloud stuff took off. I'd never need another PC then.




First of all, I've completely made that name up.


Chatting with a friend this morning he mentioned something about the growth of Apple and how it has surpassed microsoft financially and in terms of technology. This got me thinking if Apple would ever venture into the games console market. Is there room for another big company? Could they pull it off? And how can it be intergrated with it's current 'i' technology? Would a touch screen games console work if that was the route it went down?





MS tech is still way ahead of Apple's. Apple relies on Samsung for its magic bits.

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Interestingly, a friend was telling me last night that a couple of herfriends are working an extra late shift at the Apple store tomorrow, then everyone is working Saturday. There's apparently a bunch of top secret files to be downloaded and studied.


It may all be bollocks, but if there's a big Apple announcement by the weekend, remember where you heard it first. ;)

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