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Jeff Jarrett


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Oh, and I'll just say this here seen as Double J's on topic. That IYH match with Shawn is one of my favourites ever, I wouldn't put it up there as a "best match eva!!" candidate, but it's insanely watchable, and is exactly what wrestling should be, FUN, and could be enjoyed by anyone.


That match at IYH 2 vs. Michaels was VERY fun and for me an easy **** match. I also liked his tandem with The Roadie in 1995.

You, seasider and Dave Meltzer, all about the star ratings.



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To the best of my knowledge, Bats has never wrestled Jeff Jarrett.


I'd love to see that, but I think we all know Batista would go back to WWE if/when he decides to get back in.

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I started watching wrestling around 1999 and Jarrett was one of those guys I guess I subconciously found entertaining without actually being a huge fan of his. I used to enjoy when he was on the screen or in the ring, the whole gimmick of having Debra there and the guitar shots and his rivalry with Chyna for the Intercontinental Title was brilliant. He just seemed a general mid carder to me at the time as he would appear in matches with various jobbers but when the rivalry with Chyna came about I began to notice how entertaining I found him.


I never really saw his run in WCW but I do know he was around main event level there and I think he would have had a good shot at being a main eventer in WWE, if not during the Attitude Era he would definetly have been a good shout as one of the top guys now, similar to his role in TNA at the moment.


I guess over the last decade my views on Jarrett have changed a lot from my first views of him as a general mid carder back in 1999, though it could be said that he has evolved a lot since then. But he did always have the guitar and looking back he was one of the more entertaining and better mid carders at the time so perhaps even then it could have been predicted that he would have a good shot in the main event. I'd go as far as saying he is one of, if not the top heel in TNA right now and if he was in WWE with the same character he would be a top heel there too, he'd definetly fit in great on Smackdown at the moment as their top heel.


As some have said though, he held WWE up for more money just before his final match and to me that was him burning that bridge to WWE. It's quite difficult being a former WCW guy in WWE as there is a certain stigma to it and Vince has been known to treat certain ex-WCW talent fairly badly but to have the whole "holding WWE for randsom" thing ontop of that I can't see him being welcome in WWE in the first place but if for some reason he was brought back there I couldn't see them using him very well at all.


It's a shame really that Austin never gave him a chance as I think he could have been a great main eventer there and as someone said a lot is still said about Bischoff holding Austin down and not giving him a push and it pretty much makes out that Bischoff is an idiot as Austin ended up becoming the top main eventer in the Attitude Era. But now look at Jarrett, he has been a brilliant heel and one of the top guys in the main event scene in TNA and would be great in the same position in WWE now, yet Austin held him down and wouldn't give him a push, thus putting Austin in a similar position to Jarrett, albeit not as bad.

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