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4FW: Steel Cage Warfare 2011 - {30/07/2011- Swindon}

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IPW:UK are doing the 10th of July, and WXW aren't doing a show from early July until mid-August.


So I don't know who they'd be talent sharing with as the guy would have to be in Europe for a long while if that was the case.

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Unfortunately the former ROH Champion will no longer be appearing at this event due to other commitments which he could not turn down which we fully understand, we had been working on finding a replacement hence the delay in announcements but could not find an ideal replacement from the talent available! We are not going to announce who it was because we are hoping for the Star to appear at our next Grange Drive event in October and will leave the announcements for that event, but untill then...




Back to Steel Cage Warfare 2011



We are looking to replace the Star with one of the finest talents working in Europe right now! Announcements to be made very soon.

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with huge news coming in this morning of Eddie Reyes heading out to the States in September and receiving tryouts for 2 big companies then upon his return he will be heading out to Japan in November, 4FW are searching out the finest talent to face young Reyes at Steel Cage Warfare, with many of the names top of the list including Jonny Saint, Jonny Kidd, James Mason and Mikey Whiplash unable to make it on Saturday 30th July 4FW are heading out on a huge scouting mission across the UK to find the perfect opponent for the fiery mat technician.



News, Videos & match announcements for Steel Cage Warfare 2011 coming next week.

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Next Star Added....



'Beautiful' Bobby Shields


Bobby Shields is set to debut for 4FW at Steel Cage Warfare, Bobby Shields has competed in WWE, TNA and is semi regular in ROH.


With an ever growing reputation on the line Bobby Shields has demanded he face the best talent 4FW has to offer, the last American import that 4FW had on there event was 'Hurricane' John Walters who took the UK by storm during his Month tour, can we expect the same from Bobby Shields?


One thing is for sure come Saturday 30th July the 4FW fans will see exactly just what Bobby Shields is all about.

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Out of the 3 announced matches which one would you be interested in watching on the website after the event?


: Announced Matches :










This is such a hard choice. The main event sounds a quality match and having heard a lot about The Saint would be decent to see the cage match. However with the fact that Benham Ali and Owen Phoenix were in the orient, they must have learnt quite some decent stuff from TAKA Michinoku. But then there is the fact Bobby Sheilds is coming from America and i've never seen Eddie Reyes wrestle would be a good watch. Overall though i'd say the Cage match.

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