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4FW: Steel Cage Warfare 2011 - {30/07/2011- Swindon}

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Next Stars Announced.... Also be sure to check out WWW.4FW-ONLINE.COM loads and loads of updates...



Owen Phoenix


4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion Owen Phoenix is on top of the World right now, the youngster has left a lasting impression in Japan and is set to bring 3 months worth of hard work back to the UK, In 4FW Managements eyes you will not find a better 17 year old in England or Europe today, a statement that is echoed by everyone who has come across young Owen Phoenix.


Normally a Championship belt would be stripped from the Champion if it is not defended in 30 days, however, Management decided to not to take the Championship from Owen Phoenix even though it has not been defended in 3 Months, this has left all the Challengers in the Junior Heavyweight League furious, no one more so than Van Wicked.


Upon Owens return from Japan he will have alot to prove to Management for showing faith in him to the 4FW fans and all the challengers in the Junior Heavyweight League, the super confident youngster will undoubtedly rise to any challenges put before him.



Van Wicked


Van Wicked was announced as 'Coach' Dave Sharps first protege, Sharp searched the whole of the United Kingdom to find 1 man that he could take to the very top in Junior Heavyweight competition and the man he found was Van Wicked.


Van Wicked is training harder than he ever has before as he puts out a challenge to current, reigning and defending Junior Heavyweight Champion Owen Phoenix.


Enraged by the fact Phoenix got to keep hold of the Championship despite been on a 3 month hiatus, Wicked believes it is only right that the Championship be defended at Steel Cage Warfare 2011 and that he should be the first challenger.


David Sharp has been in meeting after meeting with 4FW Management trying to secure his chosen one a Championship match but little has been confirmed so far.


Will the duo of Van Wicked and his newly appointed 'Coach' Dave Sharp prove to be a formidable force in 4FW in there quest to climb to the very top in the Junior Heavyweight League and in there quest to become the new 4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion! Only time will tell but one thing is for sure the future of Van Wicked looks extremely bright.

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I want to visit a 4FW show.


No better time to come see a 4FW event in my opinion, this will without a doubt be our finest effort to date, our talent is on fire at the moment, the production is improving rapidly and the huge improvement in the organisation of the company is hard to beat.

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'Man Mountain' Matt Lomaxx


'Man Mountain' Matt Lomaxx is a man on a mission, Steel Cage Warfare 2011 will see the Monster compete in a Heavyweight rankings contest as he looks to climb the ranks and earn himself another Heavyweight Championship match against the winner between JD Knight and current 4FW Heavyweight Champion The Saint.



Lomaxx has been one of the longest serving stars in 4FW , not only is he one of the longest serving he is one of the most dominating stars in 4FW history, will the big bruiser finally make it to the very top in 4 Front Wrestling.

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Yesterdays winner of Miss Swindon Hannah Golding has joined 4 Front Wrestling and will be making her first appearance at Steel Cage Warfare 2011, what role she will have on the show will be announced soon, we look forward to what promises to be a great partnership.

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