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4FW: Steel Cage Warfare 2011 - {30/07/2011- Swindon}

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First 4fw show and very impressed nice set up and venue althogh a little on the warm side. Will hopefully be attending in Oct for the Dick Toga retierement show.


Open match was a very quick paced and exciting match featuring the team of Benham Ali and Wild Boar against Owen Phoenix and Jason Larusso, I thought all 4 men worked very well and extremly hard to produce an very good solid match. I was very pleased to get to wintness Phenoix live as I have heard many good things about him the crowd were def behind Phoenix and Larusso. I loved Phoenix's Japenesse influenced style and he reminded me a lot of Zack Zabre Jr, this is def 1 young man to watch out for in the future as i believe he has a very bright carrer ahead of him.


Next up was a singles match between Joel Redman and Eddie Reyes, the match was contested under 2 out of 3 falls rules with rounds (World of Sport style) I personally didnt mind this as im a fan of the old school era however I believe that this left a few of the younger fans confused which proberly harmed the match slightly. (also it was confusing as to how many rounds there were due to not really being explained well). However with that being said this was a hard hitting match which built well Redman won the match 2 fall to 1


The last match before the intermission was another singles encounter between Jack Dynamo and Arik Cannon. Cannon got quite alot of heat and worked the crowd well this match had some nice moment and Dynamo who was clearly a crowd fav picked up the win


After the break came the 8 man elemination tag macth (suvivour seris style) it pitted Mark Andrews, Darin Corbin, Dan Splash and Flash Morgon against the team of The Proffesor, Matt Lomaxx, So Sai King and Benjamin Jackson. Apart from the main event this was the match that I was most looking forward to and it lived up to my expectations. Jackson drew loads of heat from the crowd. All 8 men deserve credit (Splah was only in the match towards the end as he got attacked by the heel team before the match) for putting together a tremendos match and working extremely hard to keep the crowd entertained, this match inc some amazing spots and was won by Splash's team. After the match Splash announced his retirement and was shown great appriciation by the fans and wrestlers alike.


A quick break was needed to set up the cage for the main event


the main event was a cage match for the 4FW Heavyweight title pitting the defending champ The Saint against his rival JD Knight (Knight had threated to leave 4FW if he didnt win the belt earlier in the evening) the match was very hard hitting and intense from the get go and was fantastic, there were some very innovate and dangerous move throughout inc a german suplex off of the cage. JD Knight finaaly beat The Saint to become the new 4FW champion after interference 2 ref bumps and a heel turn by Jack Dynamo laying out The Saint with a chair shot allowing Knight to crawl through the cage door.


All in all the show was very good id give it 7/10 and will def be returning soon. All the wrestlers were friendly and approachable and worked very hard.

Everyone involved deserves huge credit and should be proud in knowing that they put on a very entertaining show. (plus a bargin for

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4FW: Open Day is this Saturday 6th August 2011, unfortunately I am unable to find the original thread so thought i'd post in here.



If you want to work for 4FW in any capacity then head on down this Saturday from 12:00pm onwards, if there is talent out there waiting for an opportunity then this is for you, 4FW is a promotion that is looking towards the future and want to find the next batch of stars in British Wrestling.



If you have ever wanted to work or train with us then 6th August is a date that should be in your diaries.



4FW look to push new talent and add something fresh and exciting to the UK scene, maybe you are fed up of seeing pretty much every promotion in the UK put on the same matches and using the same talent over and over again and you feel like you just can't get a foot in the door, well this really is your chance to be apart of something exciting.



The best part is, this is 100% FREE.



Unit 77 BSS House, Cheney Manor Ind. Est, Cheney Manor, Swindon, SN2 2PJ

See you there! :thumbsup:

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