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NWA-UK Hammerlock - 21st May 2011 Maidstone


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How did Gary Steele look?


Rather youthful in jeans and a shirt


Good show overall with highlights being


The 10 bell salute and tribute video MC'd by Dean Ayass

Johnny moss almost breaking his and garnells neck when he did a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside

Devitt vs Sabre jr.

Cell starting the tag match off buy leaping to the outside onto Devin Byrne but getting his leg caught on the rope so landed headfirst on the floor.

The really nice ending where everyone filled the ring to celebrate with moss

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Devitt vs Sabre Jnr was fantastic and well worth the trek. Great first singles encounter with a lot of good stuff and I hope to see a rematch one day down the line. The Cup tournament produced three good matches too.


Shame Ritchie/Majik and the tag match after Devitt were both dreadful.

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Great show, really glad I made the trek down there.


The trophy tournament turned out 3 very good bouts, with Johnny Moss being on top form.


Hardcore tag was fun (was there a saw in that bin?) but nothing outstanding, as was the obligatory rumble.


Ritchie/Majik was a change of pace that wouldn't have been to everyone's taste, but I thought very good aside from the ending which was blah.


Zack/Devitt was, of course, excellent. Prince's chops were ON! Great tech, good high spots, and I was sure Zack got murdered by that Bloody Sunday.


Piss-break tag was what it was. Byrne and Cell are both green as grass, but it got them experience and some of what they did was good. Not a fan of the big-fat-man style, but Tank never fails to get the crowd going a bit.


Tributes throughout the show and HOF inductions for Steele and Andre Baker rounded off a very good, and well-attended, night.

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In my opinion this show was GREAT , it had everything a wrestling show should have .


with tributes through out the night and the switches in ref's and MC's worked really well.


Prince/Zack was a great match , the chops and the finish were awesome would have liked Zack to go over in this match but not to be....


the Tag match with Cell/Bryne was very odd , Cell missed an arial move before the bell which pretty much summed up the match .


I thought Jon Ryan and his "Manager" worked really well and worked well to get the crowd going , Moss yet again proved he's one of the best in the UK , Garnell and Tracey were equally good but not great


One question i would have why wasn't Zack/Prince the main event ??


Well done to Tony for the great show and R.I.P Andre

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