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Wrestlers you wanted to do well, but didn't

Ron Simmons

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Wrath wasnt well liked though. He should have known coming into WCW that he was set to get fucked eventually. The Clique never liked him because he got a tattoo of his gimmick name on his arm. They seen it as a mark thing to do. There's a story about Vince telling Adam Bomb that Diesel was now doing the powerbomb finish and he should stop using it. Razor Ramon came straight up to him, pointed at his "ADAM BOMB" tattoo and said "you might want to add a "E and a D" on the end of your tattoo". Thats the Scott Hall we all loved!

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Hade Vansen...........................

I'll go with you on that one, I really liked

they aired of him. Shame they pulled the gimmick before it even had a chance to begin.


La Res, for me, fit into both this thread and the "Wrestlers you wished were good" thread. Grenier and Dupree were awful, but I fucking loved the entrance music, the attire, and both their double spinebuster double-team and the twisty neckbreaker one. I also thought they started going downhill when they brought in Rob Conway and changed to being Quebecois instead of French. Conway was OK, but he just didn't fit in with them, I thought, and the Grenier/Conway combo just wasn't as good.

There was a point where Grenier became quite decent in ring I thought, back when he was doing that "Ambassador" gimmick. They never did anything with him, but at that stage I think he had the talent to actually at least be a strong midcard act if they found the right gimmick.



Disagree here. When Gabriel first debuted, I thought, "Yeah ok, high flying babyface, standard." But as a heel in Nexus, I think he is the stand out player. His facial expressions alone are money as a cocky heel, he could be a huge breakout star if pushed once out of Nexus. He just needs to work on his mic skills a bit.

I think that's the problem with a lot of the "up and coming stars" in WWE. They're almost all f'ng diabolical on the mic. John Morrison. Dolph Ziggler. Jack Swagger. Gabriel. Eziekiel Jackson. Heath Slater. Evan Bourne.


There are others too, all utterly lacking charisma or any ability to carry a promo or exchange on the mic. They're English-speaking actor in a Final Fantasy game bad.

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