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How much should guys wrestle for the dvd?


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Some indy shows have in the region of 20 paying fans and the DVDs may ship to hundreds.


Are the wrestlers risking serious injuries to entertain the 20 or the hundreds? 20 people can't really generate a great deal of heat anyway and I'd suppose the DVD has a commentator to make-up the short-fall.


When I see guys rolling around in barbed-wire in front of 20 people I think their proper nuts. Surely it's for the pleasure of anyone who ever sees it, whether in the 'arena' or not.


I think we all agree so my question would be: What's the minimum number of people required to attend get the wrestlers to concentrate of their primary job of entertaining the paying public? Or what ratio between ticket payers and DVD buyers...

I agree though there's not many promoters investing enough in DVD that it's ever going to ship to hundreds but I expect there does come a point where you can shift more DVDs than get people onto seats.


I've never understood people wanting to take some career threatening bump infront of those 20 people even if they know it's going to end up on Youtube and get watched by a few thousand people-It's still not going to "pay the hospital bills".


I might be wrong but I don't think there are many people working in Britwres who do anything other than work the live crowd most video clips i've seen the wrestlers have their backs to camera and ignore it during entrances etc.

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