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Do You Have Anyone On Ignore....

Devon Malcolm

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....rapists all in the last three months like,


Seriously, what??




Fuck. I can't comprehend how someone can admit to potentially ruining someone elses life like that and expect everyone to be all shits n' giggles.


I don't think i've been on here long enough to ignore someone, though i'm quite sure a lurker added me on FB through getting my details on here. He then proceeded to message me asking if I wanted to join his up and coming 'training school'. A few days later he claimed he couldn't get ahold of a gym space and did I want him to coach me in 'fitness training', to which I politely declined.


He's now been asking about where I train, how I get there and do I travel alone, if so, he could offer me a lift. Oh fuck off. Perfect 'ignore/ block' material right there.




Come on, Name and Shame!

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Or said he respects you as an athlete?.


Thankfully not, but he inquired as to whether I was single; before explaining he likes to get to know his pupils on a personal level. Deary me. Also, apparently his brother is a famous Brit wrestler, one he didn't give the name of. :rolleyes:


I have noticed though, the heaps of sixty-something men lurking around the pages of young, female indie wrestlers, fapping over anything posted. Is there any reason they seem to flock towards wrestlers in particular?

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I like how this forum has a story of a bloke chasing a blind date down the street as fairly low down on the harassing the lasses stakes next to the rape's and woman beatings.

Who was chasing a blind date down? I must have missed that one.


I forget who it was, sadly. I'm sure some one will recall.


Unless I'm thinking of some one else where, but I'm fairly sure it was here.

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