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Lack of WWE main event talent


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I remember when IPW did something similar, whereby there was a tournament and one of the guys in the tournament was the All England Champ, so the winner of the tournament would hold two championships.


My only two quelms with this are (a) What happens if Miz loses a round via a countout and (b) By having a separate championship being defended in a tournament for a title take shine off one another?


Well, it would depend on what your objective is. If it's to unify the belts, then (b) shouldn't really be a problem - they're going to be the same belt anyway, so it'll just seem a bigger deal, I think.


If it's to tease unification, but ultimately keep them separate, I'd say (a)'s alright - it's a creative way to keep the belt on Miz AND guarantee a new champ, although I'd make it deliberate DQ by the Miz, when he realises he's about to lose. Would make him an even bigger heel, and would suit his character perfectly.


However I'd change one thing... I'd have it so ONLY the Miz would be in the position to unify the belts, as oppose to guaranteeing a Undisputed Champion at the end. That way if the WWE do want to pull the trigger on it, the fans would get a more genuine "OMG" moment.


That's a good idea too. The great thing about tournaments in my mind is that you get so many options within one framework, and it's a framework which allows you to pull out surprises from nowhere.


For example, one of my favourite tournament angles ever (and it was so good, I often wonder why WWE have never re-used it) was Bret Hart in the first annual KOTR - his final opponent was Bam Bam, who'd gone through on a bye owing to his would-be opponents getting double DQ-ed in the first round, meaning Bam Bam was fresh and Bret had to fight through all his matches. It made for one of my favourite Bret matches of all time (I think it doesn't get enough love in general), where he ended up pulling out a flash pin against Bam Bam, but because he was so good at making his opponent look good, it didn't make Bam Bam look weak at all.


Another idea for how a championship tournament could go would be if they still had a MITB holder, but instead of going down the predictable route of him cashing it in against the eventual champion at the end of the night, he announces he's going to use it to win the WWE title during the tournament, and then use it to win the final belt. Then you have Miz being a Machiavellian cunt and saying: "You don't need to cash it in - I'll defend it against you, but if you lose, I get your MITB shot", then going on to win it.


Miz then gets knocked out in the semi, but shows up right after the final to cash in the MITB and unify the belts anyway. Would make him look like such an utter bastard, I reckon.


There's probably loads wrong with that, and I'm sure someone will point out what; it's just an idea that sprang to mind.

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