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Showtime Championship Wrestling - The Crowning


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Does anybody know why Xander Cooper wasn't on the show ?

Probably because he is utter shit and the promoters realised this. The show sounds great and is guaranteed to have been much better without him there stinking up the place!


I sort of hope you are a friend of Xander's pulling a harmless rib because I would have no idea where you would get this opinion from otherwise. I think he is an extraordinary talent and shows nothing but control and passion in his work. This is the first real criticism of him I have heard (I have heard praise from people up and down the country) so would be interested in understanding why you don't rate him.


Sorry I couldn't make the show guys, glad it was such a roaring success :)

I have debated with myself on whether or not to respond to this post as I really don't want to turn this thread into a discussion on someone who wasn't even there. Instead the thread should be all about Showtime Wrestling who from what I've read put on a great night of action. However since you asked it would be rude of me not to explain myself.


I don't know Xander nor am I 'pulling a rib' on him. I am simply stating my opinion from viewing the 7 or 8 'matches' that I've seen him have. Of course other people may disagree with me and have a different view but my opinion is based on a few key aspects that I expect from wrestlers when I watch them perform such as the ability to sell, looking like a wrestler, in ring psychology, believability and the ability to connect with an audience. None of which Xander does. Hence I think he is shit.


His general appearance is one of a podgy or doughy school kid rather than someone who's meant to be a professional or serious athlete. His strikes in particular are just woeful and he honestly looks like if he were placed in a paper bag he would struggle to punch, kick or forearm his way out.


The next big aspect is I just don't believe a single thing that happens in his matches as non of it is convincing. Each time he has a 'match' he seems to perform a bunch of highly contrived and for the most part sloppily executed spots.


Lastly he comes across as having a bit punchable expression or look on his face. He's the type of guy that if you saw on a night out you'd instantly want to chin. I don't really know how to explain it other than it's a cross between a smug look and appearing insincere in his expressions. Which as you can appreciate isn't the best thing to have considering he normally plays a babyface role, and therefore needs to be liked.


When i first saw him i could just about tolerate his act as he used to bounce on things like his space hopper but he doesnt even do that now. I'm sure over time he can improve on some of those aspects but at the moment he embodies everything that is bad about British Wrestling from his poor physic, lack of believability and having a cunt face.


Thanks for the response mate, I'm not looking for an off topic argument just genuinely interested in your reasonings for not rating him. Again I thoroughly disagree with everything you said about Xander and only hope you don't write him off and eventually enjoy his wrestling. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond :)


SPOILER - Highlight the black box to read


Don't want to sabotage the thread (hence the spoiler tag) but here is a recent WAR show MV featuring Xander Cooper who had (imo) a cracking match with the Judge at one of our events in Rugby for those who don't know him / haven't seen any of his recent work



Back on topic amazing to hear how well the show went from people involved - any plans to release the shows on DVD?

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Apocalypse Promotions was also extremely happy with The Crowning event and plan on purchasing more in ring time for the next show in July. Once again, Apocalypse Promotions proved that it is the most forward thinking promotion in the UK with incredible victory over SCW's own Shane & Lewis Cooper! And it doesn't matter whether we compete under APO or SCW stipulations, keep 'em coming Mr Showtime and we'll keep knocking them down :laugh:

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