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just a buttered roll?!?!


Haha - I was skint. :(

You were there that night. We went over in Egghead's Dad's van.

indeed i was :laugh: back of a transit van with a smelly-ass greyhound dog.


Surely someone could have chipped in get you a couple of chips?

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This is an old pic when they had plays on so will be somewhere from 1960's 1970's


Picture of the Main Screen as was along time ago




Our old cinema in Gloucester was a place of decadence and high quality, well ish. It was purpose built with a huge auditorium and played host to Pantomimes, plays, gigs (including the Beatles At one point!) and other such stuff before being converted in the late 1970's to a three screen affair. It had a Wimpy on its side and a huge big entrance. It was by no means a flea pit, but wasnt fit for purpose and closed in the late 1980's ( I think it closed not long after Batman iirc) when a new 6 screener was built on the Peel Centre There is a brief history here


Abding memories are :-


Kia Ora Adverts. Ushers with Torches and Ice Cream, Double Features (Mainly Disney) and a warren of staircases and stairs to actually be able to get out of the damn thing. and then next door for Sadies and some Pistachio Ice Cream and of course Basil, The Great Mouse Detective!


Its now a Wetherspoons. The two smaller screens were converted to where the Bar now resides and it was gutted at the back and front so the magnificent entrance is now stairs down to where the old Screens 2 and 3 were.


There is a massive Balcony that is still there and last time I went in had some faux Film Memorabilia there to signify its old usage. Even with all that it is starting to look tired and old and hasnt had a proper refurb in about 20 years and much like all whetherspoons attracts the dregs quite regularly.


As it is nowish


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