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How fashionable are you.


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I think the most important thing is to a) have your own style that's not just a copy of people around you, and b ) look carefully at what chavs wear and avoid anything in that style.


I definitely agree with that, though I also think there's something to be said for what the OP alluded to about noticing what celebrities are wearing and what clothes/outfits look good together on what people. I've always admired celebrities who dress smartly, as opposed to outrageously. I really like how George Clooney dresses, and I also always thought The Rock had a good sense of style in promos and OOC interviews when he wasn't wearing the more flamboyant shirts.


I think it's good to also take notice of what looks good for your body type. For instance, I've always been into weights and the gym since my late teens, so I've always tended to wear fairly fitted clothes to accentuate this. As I've got further into my late 20s though, I've tried to do this in a way that still looked smart and dressier than the 't-shirt and jeans' look - I've found the sort of stuff Daniel Craig wears in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace is a pretty good model for this. I also like the sort of clothes most of the aging boybands wear these days, particularly the waistcoat and t-shirt combos that Take That and Enrique Iglesias seem to go for at the moment. I also prefer dress shoes (only brown ones when wearing jeans), and as a rule hate going anywhere in trainers unless it's to the gym or to play footy.


I spend a fair bit on clothes, but these days it's more on two or three quality purchases a year than any sort of monthly amount. Generally speaking, I'd spend about

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dont buy clothes unless I really need to, I also have one pair of jeans that I wear when I go out where I should look at least decent and generally wear jogging bottoms/trackies every other time. Ive had those jeans for 4 years or more and the waist is baggy because I was 17st when I bought them and now 14 and a half, nothing a belt wont sort out though.



Yeah... you might think you do, but you don't look 'at least decent'.



Not being particularly fashion conscious is one thing, and that's fine... But wearing trackies around everywhere just makes you a total slob. Where's your brick of cheese the size of a car battery?


wearing trackies to the gym, down to the shop, around the house, to the footie and going to mates to chill, I dont think anyone is judging me as a slob and plus Im comfortable.


The jeans look very good considering the age of them, I wear them to town, meals out etc and my thighs fill them out its just I now have a skinny waist.

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I think it's good to also take notice of what looks good for your body type.


Totally agree, thats the key part to looking good I feel.


I don't agree that you have to spend hundreds of pounds of clothes, I always like to mix and match, it's pretty much how all of my group of friends shop. For instance I have a mate who will only get jeans from Primark. But he matches it will designer clothes like Lyle and Scott or Lacoste t shirts (abit chavvy I know but it works for him) and a nice cardigan or top he's picked up from Burton or Next and he looks like the dogs bollox every time he goes out.


Also knowing decent websites helps. ASOS and M&M direct are two already mentioned that are the biggest known ones, and for a good reason.


Also go through sale items, alot of it is horrendous but every now and then you can pick up a decent item, unique to you that is a fraction of the original price. That goes for both high street and designer brands.


I think you can look good, get away with looking like you spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on an outfit but in truth have only spent a fraction, you just got to know what suits you and where to look.

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I'm a bit of a scrub when it comes to clothes. I begrudge paying over the odds for stuff to wear.


If I'm shopping I will always have a look in Primark. People tend to slate the quality of their clothes, and yeah they do tend to lose their shape after a certain number of washes, but when you pay

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I love Onitsuka Tigers.


Just brought a pair.


I like jeans and tee shirts, in fact i think everyone does but i won far more than one pair of jeans!


I think i have 5 pairs of jeans maybe 6 and they get mixed and matched with various styles of tee shirts and checked shirts. I must admit im partial to MMA tee's and own numerous Tapout ones and a Korean Zombie one, i've also got a UFC hoodie and have just brought a Tapout coat on Ebay for 30 quid.


I wouldn't say i'm fashionable but i seem to be far more aware of what i want to look like than other people in here. The Tapout thing must make me sound like a prick but i went through a stage of collecting them and the coat was such a bargain i couldn't resist as it was a good 40 quid cheaper than the superdry coat i had gone online to buy.


My most expensive thing is my Timberlands which are wonderful with jeans.


Going back to the start though i love the Onitsuka tigers i've just brought wanted a pair of them or Adidas originals for ages and seeing as i had credit on my next account the tigers were nicer than the Adidas they had.


My next big purchase will probably be a North Face coat as i've wanted one for ages.

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I basically only buy Fred Perry (and recently Pretty Green) stuff. Love it all. You are essentially paying through the nose for the logo but it feels good to be wearing good clothes. I have some of the Addidas Originals stuff and love that also. I tend to only buy fashion labels. Mostly because if I like it, I buy it and most of the stuff I like belongs top Fred Perry or Pretty Green. I have a shitty job and spend most of my income on things such as alcohol and over-priced clothes, so i should really stop.

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I tend to wear band t-shirts or collared shirts and either jeans or cords.


Threadless.com do some nice t-shirts and they have a sale on at the moment as well.


I have about 5 or 6 of their shirts. They have quite a big selection, not everything is going to be to your taste but I can usually always find 2 or 3 shirts I like. They're constantly adding new stuff, and once a shirt has sold out they don't restock it for quite a while so there's not thousands of people out there all wearing the same t-shirt as you which is nice. It's annoying to go out and see everyone wearing the exact same thing as you I find.

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