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Pick Your Power - Replacement Required

Mike Castle

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This game is an open setup. This game is for 16 players and you KNOW that the game's scum team will consist of 4 Mafia, all other players will be town.


However, what roles you have is a bit trickier. Roles will be assigned via draft.


How does this draft work you say?


Everyone will, when they sign up, send me a PM with two numbers between 1 and 15 (X,Y). The first number closest to 1 that no one else picks will get first pick. The next closest that no one picks will get second, etc. If you pick a X number that someone else has the Y number closest to 1 no one has picked will get to pick next. If two people have the exact same numbers then I will random.org.


Once all players that have the first number are done, all 2 numbers, then three:


An Example Draft:


Player 1: 4,9

Player 2: 1,4

Player 3: 3,5

Player 4: 1,7

Player 5: 1,4

Player 6: 15,15

Player 7: 15,14


The draft order would be:

Player 3

Player 1

Player 7

Player 6

Player 4

Players 2/5 based on random.




The Draft:


Once the order is done, you will then straight down the list attempt to pick a power role. If someone above you on the list has picked that role you will be vanilla.


Note: The mafia and masons will be able to talk before the draft is announced for a period of approximately 24 hours.


The roles:



You are the cop. Each night you may PM me the name of a player. You will be told whether they are innocent or guilty


Even Night Vigilante

You are the Even Night Vigilante, every even night you may PM me the name of a player to kill.


Odd Night Vigilante

You are the Odd Night Vigilante, every odd night you may PM me the name of a player to kill


Weak Doctor

You are the Weak Doctor, every night you may PM me the name of a player to protect, however if that player is mafia you will die.



You are the Jailkeeper, every night you may PM me the name of a player who you will jailkeep. This will prevent the player from dying, but also prevent them from performing any night actions.



You are Bulletproof, if you are targetted at night by either a vigilante or the mafia, you will survive the night.



You are a Bomb, if you are killed at night you will kill whoever shot you. If you are lynched, you will kill the last person to vote you.



You are the Framer, each night you may PM me the name of a player, they will show up as guilty to a Cop Investigation, or as "Mafia Goon" to any Role Cop investigations.



You are the Roleblocker, each night you may PM me the name of a player to prevent their role from acting.



You are the Watcher, each night you may PM me the name of a player to be told who targeted them at night



You are the Tracker, each night you may PM me the name of a player to be told who they targeted that night



You are the Neighborizor, each night you may PM me the name of a player to open a Quick Topic with them. You will only be able to talk in the Quick Topics at night, and they shall activate the night following when you send the PM (i.e. PM me night 1, it opens night 2)


Universal Backup

You are the Universal Backup, you will take over the first power role that dies.



You are the Rolecop, each night you may PM me the name of a player to be told their role in the game.


2-Shot Janitor

Twice during this game you may select a player. If that player dies that night they will flip ??? instead of their role.




General notes:


1.) All anti-town factions have in addition to their powers, if any, the ability to have a member perfom a kill. Yes, that means they can use their power AND kill.

2.) All players have the same win condition: You win when all threats to your faction are eliminated or nothing can prevent the same from happening.

3.) Scum will get a short period to discuss their numbers, and role choices prior to both the draft being posted and the game beginning.

4.) Props go out to SpyreX over on Mafia Scum for this idea that I am straight up stealing! (Who in turn nicked it from SomethingAwful)




Game Related Questions:


*.) What happens if a bomb is doc protected and a kill goes through?

a.) Nothing. Bomb activates on a successful kill attempt.


*.) What happens when everyone picks the same role?

a.) You get a mostly mountainous game! Cheers all around!


*.) Can we discuss the game in the sign up thread?

a.) No, the sign up thread is to agree to play ONLY. You may do nothing else in that thread, if you have questions, PM them to me.


*.)Can we change our numbers?

a.) You may change your numbers as often as you life prior to the draft being announced.


*.) Isn't putting questions here going to give people some extra insight into what has been picked?

a.) You think that all these questions were asked by people? ;) WIFOM the mod if you want - its kind of the spirit of this game!



1. tom

2. swiftstrike

3. unfitfinlay


5. bristep123

6. Lion_of_the_Midlands

7. Nexus

8. El Nicko Locko

9. Ron Simmons

10. Andrew the Giant

11. Teedy Kay

12. Carbomb MA

13. seph

14. Chris B

15. spotlightmagnet1

16. SMS


Draft List:

1. SMS: 3, 7

2. bristep123: 5, 6

3. El Nicko Loco: 9, 10

4. spotlightmagnet1: 14, 4

5. swiftstrike: 1, 1

6. Andrew the Giant: 1, 2

7. seph: 2, 11

8. tom: 2, 13

9. unfitfinlay: 8, 12

10. Nexus: 8, 13

11. Teedy Kay: 4, 3

12. Family Guy PMSL: 4, 5

13. Ron Simmons: 4, 7

14. Carbomb MA: 7, 9

15. Lion Of The Midlands: 7, 13

16. Chris B: 7, 13

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Just a reminder. Everyone entering needs to PM me their two number choices between 1 and 15. If deadline hits before I've recieved your numbers (which will be, essentially, when all 16 slots are full + 24 hours minimum for the scum to co-ordinate if they so wish), I'll random.org them for you.

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Sounds an interesting game Mike.


Look forward to following this one!


I'm won't be signing up for this or any other games though.


Enjoy guys!

Don't let the last game spoil your experience, SMS - people got carried away. Use it as a learning experience, if people are pushing your buttons or trying to stitch you up don't let them - and the best way to do that is by not getting caught up in the framing. It'd be a shame to lose you from the games, dude.

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