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1PW - The Last Stand [28/05/2011]


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Oh ho ho. I get the joke now. It's a funny.

This reminds me of that Mexican guy off Family Guy...


"Fouad" is the name of the Family Guy character you're talking about. He's Arab, not Mexican. I thought it was important that we all understand that Fouad is Middle Eastern.


Hi CobyStag! How are you after all these years?

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I've been good thank you, how about yourself Kingdom?


Least you can always count of 1PW for entertainment, even if you're not in the same country.


I'm doing well. I have a film crew following me around Toronto as I start getting my next UNION event ready. It's kind of fun. Someone thinks I'm interesting enough to document. LOL. Fools.


And yes, 1 Pee Dub is still entertaining but for all the wrong reasons at this point. Crying god damn shame, too. For about 18 months, 1PW really meant something. To wrestlers and fans alike. Now? It's just a hollow ghost of what made it great.

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