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More British talent to work in America?

Snitsky's back acne

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Not confirmed, however the SHIMMER forums have seen several Brittani Knight matches posted and the WAW forum state that there is "big news" in the pipeline for a couple of WAW women.


I think, although it has not been officially confirmed, that Brittani is on her way to Shimmer in March.


It was rumoured another EVE talent would be going too - leading some to speculate Shanna or Alpha Female, however now it has been stated it's "WAW" women I am assuming [and could be wrong] that it is Saraya.


Still, it appears two of the Knights might be wreaking carnage in America in March. Fingers crossed.

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On the SHIMMER forums a little over a week ago the SHIMMER founder Dave Prazak asked fans to choose their ideal roster for the 2011 tapings and stated that fans were allowed to choose 2 members of the Pro-Wrestling:EVE roster. Currently Britani Knight is leading the charge with Saraya Knight second.


In other news as it relates to EVE Professionals journeying outside of their 'normal territories'.....


Courtesy of www.EVEwrestling.com


EVE Professionals Go Worldwide!


Published Saturday, 22nd January 2011 by News Desk


It's happening.


From the very beginning Pro-Wrestling:EVE stated that it's mission was to show the rest of the world what they're missing out on with the female professional wrestlers of Europe - now people are taking notice!


Since our d

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