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North East Wrestling Society - Tag Team Championship Tournament


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The move was supposed to be a piledriver but AJ slipped while executing the move, he claims he has invented the 'slipping piledriver' but I don't think it will catch on. Following the epic battle last night NEWS are booking a rematch - under normal tag team rules - for the first defence of the Tag Team Championships on May 7th for our debut at The Glebe Centre, Murton, County Durham.

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click here for fan cam footage of Max Heat's 20 foot balcony dive



before and after the piledriver through the table








Order of Chaos get involved (above) and the rest of the roster join in (below)




Max Heat's 20 foot balcony dive (above) and aftermath (below)










the first ever NEWS Tag Team Champions Fast & Furious (AJ Anderson & Max Heat)

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Could not see the link for the Max Heats mental balcony dive,



One the craziest I have seen in the UK, its a legit 27ft and he flies out like its a cross body from the top rope. One hell of an awesome match too...

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