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NGW Regeneration, 05.02.11; NEW STAGE AREA; Best in the country?


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We haven't got through the official pictures yet, but here are some initial fan shots from a limited angle. It doesn't take in the two ramps coming down from the stage area and one connecting piece that goes direct to the ring from the stage.


And yes even the guard rails have a NGW logo on.





This is a great photo, but hopefully the official photo's will capture the atmosphere the stage creates (with all the lights and smoke and everything else)


Good picture. Though, as mentioned above, it does not do the set full justice. It is massive - especially when you take into consideration the ramps etc.


You cannot give Dougie enough credit for the work he has done with this. I have a fairly good idea of the time & effort he has put into the set & was really glad to see how great it all turned out.


Hopefully,the official pics will do the set justice as it really does add to what NGW offers (which, even without the set, is pretty damn good).

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Sounds like you had a good night Mr. WrestlingSnob! Are you joining us again? We have two big shows before the summer kicks in & also on 3rd April we have an "Adrenaline" show, where all the trainees can showcase their new found skills.


Funnily enough - messaged you on Facebook about this less than 5 mins ago..................


Prob wont be able to make the student show on 3rd April but am hoping to be around for the next main roster shows (think they are taking place on 23rd April & 11th June).

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Really good video! The music in the second half made Nathan Cruz seem so sadistic! The character he plays at NGW has taken such a turn since the early days of NGW when he played that 'go get 'em' baby face. He did the 'turn his back on the fans' angle, became the cocky self centred heel, and now his passion and determination to be the NGW champion has turned him into a borderline psychopath! Looking forward to see where it goes from here! :)

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