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Dynamic Pro Wrestling - Castleford Civic Centre


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Results for those interested

Bingo Ballance & El Ligero beat Zack Diamond and Prince Mohmed Ameen

The Juice CJ Banks beat Robbie X

Joey Hayes beat Martin Kirby

Sam Bailey beat Dylan Roberts

Colossus Kennedy beat Cameron Kraze via DQ. Pull apart Brawl, Kraze remains champion, rematch will happen in Osset (didnt catch the date)

also announced a "free" show in April in Pontefract, its free unless you want to sit front row, which is

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This past Saturday night, DPW made it's debut at the beautiful Castleford Civic Centre for it's first foray into 2011, and by the end of the evening, dramatic scenes had rocked those in attendance!



The evening kicked off with the first semi-finals in the DPW Tag Team Championship Tournament, as El Ligero and Bingo Ballance were orginally scheduled to battle The Myatt Legacy. However, it was Prince Mohmed Ameen (who returned to DPW after a lengthy absence last month) and Zack Diamond Gibson that appeared instead! Ameen then informed Ligero and Ballance that he had paid the Myatts to stay at home, buying their tournament place under the promise that Ameen and Gibson (who Ameen chose as his partner, after he was 'unfairly' eliminated in the Quarter-Finals) would give the Myatts the first shot at the gold after the conclusion of the tournament.


Unfortunately for Ameen and Gibson, things didn't really play out that way. Ligero and Ballance, who showed great chemistry as a tag team, secured their second consecutive victory, both pinning Ameen at the same time, concluding an exciting opening bout. El Ligero and Bingo Ballance are now the first team to advance to the Tournament Final, but where does this now leave The Myatt Legacy?



Second on the card, was CJ Banks' first DPW outing since losing the DPW British Championship last month, as he took on exciting and plucky youngster Robbie X. Robbie certainly brought the fight to the former titlist, scoring several close nearfalls, but in the end, Banks locked on his Texas Cloverleaf to force a submission victory. Banks' claim that he doesn't need the championship to be the best wrestler on the roster certainly had some validity with this showing.



Martin Kirby hit the ring, looking as moody and sullen as ever. Grabbing the microphone, Kirby proclaimed that it was a new year, thus a new start, admitting that he hadn't won a singles match in DPW since March 2008, but all that was fixed to change. He didn't need Mad Man Manson to score wins, and he intended to prove that against Joey Hayes right then and there. However, one thing that Kirby did complain about, was that DPW hadn't appointed his own personal referee Ricc Dombrowkski to officiate the bout.


Action-packed and innovative, both Hayes and Kirby exchanged numerous close calls, until Kirby appeared to reach breaking point at not being able to keep Hayes down, smacking appointed referee Michael Bell in the jaw! Kirby then motioned for Dombrowksi to emerge from the back and count Hayes down. Kirby jawed with the crowd, telling them the second Ricc hit the ring, it would be as simple as 1,2,3. But Dombrowksi never appeared, and as Kirby taunted the fans, Hayes managed to connect with a staggering Teenage Kick, and scored the pin! Furious, Kirby questioned where Dombrowski had gotten to, as 2011 started as 2010 had finished, with Martin Kirby staring at the ceiling.



The second half of the evening commenced with a strong showing from both 'Super' Sam Bailey and Dylan Roberts. Bailey appeared to hurt his shoulder quite badly in the course of the action, but managed to rally and score a convincing pinfall victory, proving that he didn't need his turncoat tag team partner Nathan Cruz.



It was main event time. Cameron Kraze defending his coveted DPW British Championship against the imposing Colossus Kennedy. Kennedy had concluded DPW's December show by delivering a frightening Chokeslam to Kraze, and the hometown hero knew he had a large mountain to climb to retain his newly-won gold. But being the fighting champion that he is, Kraze was up to the task. What can only be described as a battle, both men battled around ringside, and exchanged vicious blows in the squared circle, but one was obvious, Kraze couldn't knock Colossus off his feet!


With the Castleford faithful behind him, Kraze tried and tried, and after several high-impact shots, Kennedy sank to one knee. However, it was at this point that Kennedy's manager, Richie West clambered to the apron! Kraze turned around and decked West, and claimed his golden briefcase. Colossus charged at Kraze and instinctively, the champion turned and cracked the oncoming challenger with the item! In full view of the referee, the bell rang and it was announced that Kraze had been disqualified!


This didn't stop the 2 men though, and the fight continued, prompting half the roster, as well as security to rush the ring and seperate them! A bloodied Colossus was dragged away by Richie West, who called Kraze a coward, claiming he'd gotten himself DQ'd on purpose, knowing there was no way he could beat his monster. West issued a challenge for a rematch next month, in Osset on February 12th, and the fiery champion immediately agreed!








El Ligero and Bingo Ballance d. Prince Mohmed Ameen and Zack Diamond Gibson


- CJ Banks d. Robbie X


- Joey Hayes d. Martin Kirby


- 'Super' Sam Bailey d. Dylan Roberts




Colossus Kennedy w/Richie West d. Cameron Kraze © via DQ

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Second on the card, was CJ Banks' first DPW outing since losing the DPW British Championship last month, as he took on exciting and plucky youngster Robbie X. Robbie certainly brought the fight to the former titlist, scoring several close nearfalls, but in the end, Banks locked on his Texas Cloverleaf to force a submission victory. Banks' claim that he doesn't need the championship to be the best wrestler on the roster certainly had some validity with this showing.


Enjoy some fan-cam footage of the match. Official DVD coming soon.


Part 1:


Part 2:

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Better late than never, my opinions about the show.


Match 1


The tag team tournament semi-final was a fast paced, exciting opener and a strong contender for match of the night. Given the credentials of all four involved that was no surprise. PA and ZD replaced the Myatt Legacy and the match was probably better as a result of the change. I'd never seen PA in action before and was greatly impressed by his strong bully character and ability to work the crowd. His partner ZD. has clearly benefited from his experience outside of the RWA and showed his improved wrestling style, less dependant on high spots and this made his arsenal of moves more meaningful.


ZD and BB had good chemistry early on and treated the crowd to some excellent chain wrestling. At the midpoint in the match, there was a scare for fans on the front row when the security barrier somehow came lose and flipped into the crowd. Fortunately, no-one was hurt. BB and EL teamed well, their most innovative spot came when BB monkey flipped EL into the heels who were laid out in the opposite corner. After EL took out ZD with a dive from the apron, the match ended when the faces reversed PA's pedigree attempt into a sweet double pin for the win.


Match 2


This match was entertaining and told a simple, effective, underdog story. From the start, CJ underestimated his young opponent and taunted him repeatedly. This allowed RX to hit a fierce dropkick and beautiful running shooting star press. CJ eventually regained control and worked RX's back by using the ring post and an assortment of suplexes and backbreakers. It looked like RX might upset CJ but he hit nothing but the mat off a high risk move and was quickly finished off with the texas cloverleaf. Both deserve credit for their selling and psychology, which really helped get the crowd involved.


Match 3


MK is the second most entertaining wrestler in DPW history (only to Mad Man Manson). The man is comedy gold. His matches with Voodoo, the aforementioned MMM and others are extremely memorable and despite hardly ever winning in DPW, he never loses his heat. JH and MK brought out the best in each other in this match, which was a closely contested, crowd pleasing mix of solid wrestling and comedy spots. MK's effeminate yelps of pain contrasted well with the no nonsense style of JH. In the end, MK punched the ref and awaited the arrival of his personal replacement ref (who didn't show up). The distraction allowed JH to hit a brutal kick to the head. The ref recovered on cue and made the count to end an excellent first half.


Match 4


DR began by trying his hardest to get SB DQ'd. This sequence dragged on and didn't go down well with the crowd, they seemed totally indifferent to Roberts and his efforts to get cheap heat. In general, the cool down match before the main event didn't flow well, had a few ugly botches and was probably the weakest of the show, injury or no injury. To give DR credit he executed his spinebuster and wasteland slam with good aggression towards the finish (which I missed). SB had an off night, I've seen him perform much better in FSW and DPW. As for DR, he needs to make the most of his next opportunity and develop his character into something the audience can get behind. His music was promising, so maybe exploiting the Welsh stereotype is the way to go similar to the Scottish wrestlers.


Match 5


The main event was an anti-climax between two bald, bearded men. One was the charismatic local champion and the other was his weak challenger. Col K (billed at a totally unbelievable 6"6, 350lb for the benefit of the kids to be fair) sent the crowd to sleep with his slow and clumsy attempts at brawling. The champ did his best to provide movement and althletisism to get the crowd involved and succeeded to some degree. Throughout the match, Col K attempted to get heat. "I'm going to squash him like a bug! I'm going to snap his neck!", he said. Unfortunately, his deep voice just made his idle threats comical. This could be forgiven if he did a few power moves or something even slightly exciting but his offence was lacklustre. The highlight was an elbow drop, body check and running attack into the corner. Maybe he is saving his best stuff for the rematch. Can't wait for that one ... The DQ finish and following brawl was horrible and went down like a lead balloon with the crowd.


Final thoughts


The venue was excellent. Looked like a smaller version of Morley Town Hall.

The show would have built perfectly if the card was backwards, in terms of match quality.

It is a good thing that the title rematch is in Osset because I don't think the fans would want to see Col K again.

The whole show, despite problems in the second half was very entertaining.

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