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ICW: The Notorious I.C.W + Afterparty (Showing Super Bowl XLV live)


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Quick Results & thoughts of an Notoriosly Insane Night


Johnny Moss def Christopher w/ his Agent

Chris's Agent got him over as an heel before Moss Beat him up


Absalution were coplaioning about lack of Championship Ceromony only to be interupted by BT & Renfrew & challenge/match was set for later

Liam Thompson def Andy Wild to go 1-0 up in best of 5 series

this was the closest to a pure wrestling match of the night & should be a great series between the 2


Kay Lee Ray w/Nikki Storm def Carmel w/Sara

Decent Match as Sara's Ref distracted ref 1 to many times allowing Nikki to Swing Momentmum back to KLR After the Match the Losers challenged the winners to a Tag match at the next show wich was accepted [i think]


Mark Dallas announced the Next Show will be WrestleMania Sunday WITH the PPV shown as premission was given [and for the othert 3 pig PPV's] & Martin Stone will be at the show as well


Lionheart started to "Thank" people foe the help & support over the years, askes Ross Watson to the ring but ended up giving Him a "Rock Bottom" and demanded a ref so he could have a match asap


Lionheart def Kid Fite

good match with Lionheart being helped out by Wolfgang after the match the Gold Label did a 4 on 1 beatdown on KF


RedWolf def STI w/Laura

Lots of good mike talk before match started & the Match had an good ol ICW feel to it ended with Wolfgang Pinning Divers After GL performed a 4 on 3 Beatdown & Shredded JJsGirl's Signs in the Ring & promised "a long night"


The Bucky Boy's [Davey Blaze & Stephen Xavier] w/The Wee Man def Vinny James & Joe Coffey

Before matc start The Wee Man was Hot on the mike untill Joe jump started the match, Davey was quite intense & matc was determened on Joe Coffey Mis-Communication hiiting Vinny & Xavier took Advantage after the match Vinny & Joe went after each other


Bodders w/Rage n Storm kept beating up security, bodders pissed about not being booked for show demanded to be on next one [bucky boys were mentioned] or will sue


N.A.K def Absalution

bit of a slowburner that exploded into a bit of a barfight with the best spot was a erreng cage spear on Noam onto the vertical Guarg rail bet ring & rail after match another GL Beatdown


James Scott def Jester

Barnburner of a main event with some sick spots inc Piledriver onto a thumbtack covered [unbrealable]Table & the finish was a Flaming Double foot stomp off the top rope with some help from Red Lightning after the match yet another GL beatdown & Lionheart promised it would be a long year for ICW


All in All Cracking show, Fantastic Atmosphiere & should be another Great Year for ICW

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Was an awesome night. ICW keeps getting better and better.


Johnny Moss def Christopher w/ his Agent

Christopher impressed me as a heel tonight, I said Mossy would crush him however, and I was right. A few great moves on the outside of the ring including a great dive from Christopher. A couple of moments that just didn't happen smoothly near the end slightly tarnished what was otherwise a great opening match.


Absolution promo

Noam Dar did a promo about not having a title belt, Gunn came out before Chris Renfrew introduced Rob Cage and Noam Dar, to Mr Singapore Cane and N.A.K challenged them to a match. No sign of an felt Green Frogs.


Liam Thompson def Andy Wild to go 1-0 up in best of 5 series

Was a fantastic match, both wrestlers blew me away, 1 down, 4 to go.


Kay Lee Ray w/Nikki Storm def Carmel w/Sara

MC Tommy messed up and called this a tag match, accidently giving away the next match between these 4.Was a decent showing from Kay Lee Ray and Carmel, Nikki hit a tornado ddt and Kat Lee Ray hit a Widows Peak like finisher to win the match.


Mark Dallas announced PPV Screenings and Martin Stone is coming to ICW

So just when ICW can't get better, Dallas finds a way to crank it up a notch. Not only is the Governor coming, so is Wrestlemania


Lionheart's Announcement

Was a brilliant seemly heartfelt segment, Lionheart called out Kid Fite and thanked him for the help, before turning on him and hitting his finisher.


Lionheart def Kid Fite

Was a great wee match, Both guys looked great but Wolfgang (who has finally got a hair cut) ran interference. Afterwards there was a 4 on 1 beatdown.


RedWolf def STI w/Laura

I was surprised STI didn't make the save on Kid Fite and start the match straight away, but the promos between the two tag teams made up for it. RedWolf get the win after several near falls.


The Bucky Boy's [Davey Blaze & Stephen Xavier] w/The Wee Man def Vinny James & Joe Coffey

Interesting, was better than I hoped, mainly as the Bucky Boy's were two better wrestlers than I thought it would be. Joe Coffee continued his angry tweener persona fighting with Vinny James at the end.


Bodders w/Rage n Storm Attack

Could they have got in any more hints of Rage and Storm vs The Bucky Boys at the next ICW show. Was a decent promo, but I don't like this constant beatdown of secruity as its getting a wee bit repetitive.


N.A.K def Absolution

Great match, no sign of Kermit (to quote Renfrew, he's biding his time) Descended into a mad brawl before NAK got a deserved win, afterwards Gl beatdown Renfrew and Gunn, finishing with Wolfgang piledrivering Gunn, they sold it by taking Gunn out on a stretcher.


James Scott def Jester

There are hardcore matches , there are insane matches, then there's Jester matches. Both guys had extreme acupuncture, and Jester tombstoned Scott through a thumbtack table. Red ran interference for Scott (though he did miss a couple of Singapore Cane shots )and set his boots on fire for the finishing footstomp. GL beatdown Jester and stuck him multiple times with the Cane to end the show.

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Johnny Moss completes Total Mossdown on Christopher Rampage.


I've always had little doubts about Rampage, but he managed to get rid of them pretty well last night. His firey attitude worked just as well as a heel as it did as a face and he came across looking good even though he took quite the beating from ICW's resident mauler. The highlight of the match was Rampage getting thrown over the wall into the back of the seating. It was the usual crazy Mossy match. Is it any wonder why the ICW fans love this guy?


Rob Cage seriously needs to be the mouthpiece of Absolution. Not much else to say about the promo other than it got the point across.


Liam Thomson df. Andy Wild via pinfall.


I didn't think it was quite as good as their match at the last Maryhill show. It was still a really good outing though. Lots of good chain wrestling at the start as well. That was probably the highlight of the match. Liked the ending as well.


Kay Lee Ray df. Carmel via pinfall.


They managed to better their good match down in Kilmarnock this time around. Carmel remains one of the more entertaining things in Scottish wrestling at the moment. It's a shame that there aren't many women in Scottish wrestling right now, as I'd love to see these two against more opponents.


Lionheart's promo was good fun and set the tone for the evening as far as The Gold Label goes, and also gives them a new enemy to deal with. Someone said to me "putting four main eventers in a stable so they can't fued with each other, good idea" but I think that might be missing the point. Last night's utter domination wouldn't have worked if it was four guys of lesser stature. Anyways, I'm rambling.


Lionheart df. Kid Fite via pinfall.


It was a good short match. Completely different to their BCW outing but just as good. Wolfgang continued his "angry man" act for the evening when he helped Lionheart get the win and as mentioned, the beatdown post-match took place and really cemented the plans for the evening.


The Gold Label df. STI via pinfall.


Match of the night and an early shout for the Scottish match of the year between these four guys. I didn't think there'd be much in the way of a standard tag match here because of the rivalry between Grange and the Label, but outside of the necessarily mental ( including a great Moonsault from Divers off of a wall ), this was very much your standard tag team match and both teams looked amazing and delivered an edge of the seat thriller.


The Bucky Boys df. Vinnie James and Joe Coffey via pinfall.


I didn't forsee the Coffey/James team lasting very long when they couldn't even make their entrance without arguing with each other. I had to go to the bar during The Bucky Boys entrance as I thought I was gonna have a seizure. The Wee Man was in fine form, and called his new team "The School Age Outlaws" which I loved. Loads of ECW references as well actually. The match itself was good. James and Coffey were just absolutely brutal and Xavier in particular took a beating. He and Blaze did look a good team though. Good to see both of them getting a good spot in ICW and they'll be over big time in the future I reckon.


I missed Rage N Storm getting together which I'm gutted about because I've been wanting to see them together for ages now.


BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew df. Rob Cage and Noam Dar via pinfall.


I take it BT Gunn is the bar brawler of ICW? That's two of his matches that has seen him up at the bar. This time I was actually there to see it and watching them up there is great fun. Good idea getting rid of the barrier to allow Noam Dar to do his Asai Moonsault a bit better. It was another belter of a match in what was basically a long list of them.


Post-match, Lionheart and Red Lightning attacked from the crowd and the other two from the back. Once again, it was just pure domination from the Label.


James Scott df. Jester to retain the ICW Championship.


Mental main event and my throat was killing me afterwards. The most mental spot in ICW to date happened with Jester landing the Tombstone off of the second buckle into the thumbtack filled table which, rather predictably, didn't break. Kudos to both men for going above and beyond the call of duty yet again.


It was a fucking unbelievable show.

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Johnny Moss v Chris Rampage


As much as Rampage took a beating here, he did a lot better than I thought he would and actually got to hit some decent offence. Although I was behind Mossy the same as everyone else, I was kind of rooting for Rampage a little inside every time he did a little comeback. Enjoyable way to start the show with Mossy winning as expected


Liam Thompson v Andy Wild


This is reminding me of old ecw, there is always one match on the card that just shows great wrestling and this was it for icw. Both are really great together and this match showed it. Interested to see if they will struggle to top each match as the series goes on or whether they are holding some big stuff back? I actually thought Andy would take this one


Kay~Lay~Ray v Carmel


Does Carmel scare anyone else? She looks really nasty when she shouts! Good match here and good to see women getting serious places on wrestling shows. Carmel is my favourite women wrestler in Scotland, not sure how many there are in total though.


Lionheart v Kid Fite


Before the match Lionheart came out in plain clothes (which I actually had to ask someone how he got into his wrestling stuff for the match as I must have missed it) He said he had an announcement to make but wanted to say thank you first. At this point I totally thought he was leaving for America and so did the girls in front of me. He brought out Kid Fite and said thank you for letting him be pbw champion but then hit him with a rock bottom and said he wanted a match. Really enjoyed it even if it was a bit short (or every other match was long). Kid Fite hit a sweet suplex into a brainbuster from the top rope which the crowd loved. Enter Gold label for the beat down :)


Wolfgang and Red Lightning v STI


I actually liked Divers in this match! Didnt think I would but he was good. William Grange I dont like but always thought he was better of the 2, not sure now. Thought the way the match was going STI were going to win but Wolfgang got the pin in what was probably the 2nd best match of the night. I hope icw do more tag team matches and bring in tag team belts. Gold label AGAIN interfered after the match!


Vinnie and Joe v Bucki Boys


I kind of wondered earlier in the night what would happen with Blaze after Chris Rampage seemed to be on his own against Mossy. Enter Buckie boys! I have to admit when I first saw them I just thought oh for christ sake, but it was actually easy to get into and both Blaze and Stevie seemed to be having fun. Thought it was a bit of a mismatch and would liked to have seen rage n storm be the opponents instead but hey.


Bt Gunn and Chris Renfrew v Noam Dar and Rob Cage


This was the match of the night but was a wee bit too long. Bt Gunn did a dive to the outside and landed right over the barrier, this was the crowd reaction of the night. I didnt bother following them up to the bar as I knew they'd be back down soon. The ending was a bit funny as Bt Gunn kept having to shout at Rob and Noam to hurry up get up. Bt Gunn got the pin and in a complete shock, the Gold Label ran in. Strangely im not getting tired of seeing them just batter everybody. Bt Gunn was then carried out on a stretcher


Darkside v Jack Jester


Had to leave after about the first 5 minutes so missed the main event AGAIN!! What I did see was good enough and from what I hear it was amazing!!


Another great night of cider and wrestling :)


The show on the night of wrestlemania cant fail to be epic :thumbsup:

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Crowd: 240


What a great night, stil got a sore head, haha, will have some pics up soon and series 3 of ICW online will be, well....online real soon. A week or sos time i recon.


Anyway, Next show will be on April 3rd followed by a showing of WRESTLEMANIA in Walkabout, already confirmed: The Gold Label, Kid Fight, Andy Wild, Liam Thompson, William Grange, The Bucky Boys, The WEE MAN and of course Johnny Moss and making his ICW debut MARTIN STONE!!!


More details in the coming days.... :thumbsup:

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Well done to ICW for producing a fantastic show. The over 18's market has been waiting for something like this to come along and you have delivered fabulously, I take my hat off to you. Consider 4 paying customers returning for April.


The only matches I felt I couldn't get into were the Ladies match and the Lionheart - Fite showdown, I think this was mostly down to the good match I seen them have in Kilmarnock Grand Hall and this paling in comparison.


Liam Thompson vs Andy Wild was a great wrestling showcase. Whilst Wild may be a tad overhyped Liam Thompson is just a main eventer waiting to happen. This man is the complete package and never fails to impress with some of the great matches he has. I'm hoping this slowly builds to the decider matchup and then they can let all hell break loose. I'm hoping this is going to be the Malenko-Guerrero-Benoit style feud that showcases top class wrestling skills.


The main event was really off the charts for violence. Jack Jester is destined to become ICW champion one day, looks to be easily the most over man in ICW and several times came ultra close to capturing the belt. James Scott also showed why he is a worthy champion . Some sick bumps including a tombstone off of the top ropes and onto a tack covered table as well as an F-U onto the table on the outside floor. Not to mention a red lightning assisted FLAMING DOUBLE STOMP!!!! I echo Haragas statement that these two went above and beyond, they both looked rather out of it after the match.

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Well done to all involved. I would highly recommend any English fans wanting to witness ICW live come along to the next show in April then stay on for some Mania goodness.


You lot know it makes sense ;)


Come down a day early for the PBW show and have a fuckin wrestling bonanza!!! :)

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Show was a belter, only match I couldn't relly get into was thompson/wild which surprised me as I was expecting it to be great!! MOTN has to go to sti vs redwolf as expected the two teams put on a great match closely followed by jester vs scott, been said already but surely jester is desrined to take that title at some point "JESTER IS ICW"

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Well, ladies and gentlemen as promised this is my review of ICW's latest show known as The Notorious ICW. My apologies for taking so long - it's been a busy week!


The Notorious ICW - February 6th 2011


The night begins with the former Chris Rampage now being known as Christopher along with his agent, James R Kennedy in the ring. Both discussed how big Christopher is going to become etc etc before Johnny Moss's music hits.


Match 1 - Christopher w/James R Kennedy vs Johnny Moss


The fans were solidly behind Johnny Moss for this match and predictably, Christopher lost after a vicious looking Tombstone/Piledriver from Mossy. I noticed a lot of heel heat for the former Chris Rampage which is to be expected given his new cocky character and the presence of his agent too. I can see this one going on for quite some time to come and I had to join in when the fans started chanting "Mossy's gonna kill you!" in Christopher's direction.


The team of Absolution (Rob Cage & Noam Dar) come out to the ring complaining about a lack of a championship ceremony (after Dar won the Zero-G Championship) and are interrupted by Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn. Renfrew/Gunn challenge Absolution to a match that they reluctantly accept for later in the night.


Match 2 - Best of 5 Series: Liam Thomson vs Andy Wild


This is a match I know a lot of the fans were really looking forward to. Both participants are very accomplished wrestlers and Andy Wild in particular has been getting better and better every time I've seen him. This was a great back and forth match with several pins attempts from both. Liam Thompson wins with a clean pin meaning he goes 1-0. Will Andy Wild even the score at the next ICW show or will Thomson make it two in a row?


Match 3 - Carmel w/Sara vs Kay Lee Ray w/Nikki Storm


Kay Lee was looking for some revenge after Carmel had attacked her when Kay Lee was a part of the ring crew in order to send a message to Nikki Storm. Despite this being a so called ladies match, the crowd were very enthusiastic and appeared to be completely behind Kay Lee and Nikki. Kay Lee pulls off a win here but only after an assist from Nikki, after which Carmel extends a challenge for a tag match at the next show - her and Sara against Kay Lee and Nikki which has been accepted.


Lionheart had requested 5 minutes to talk to the fans/other wrestlers. He talked about his time both in ICW and at their training ground, PBW before asking Kid Fite to come down to the ring. He thanked Fite and they hugged before Lionheart attacked Fite. He then revealed that there was going to be a match between the two of them and it was right now!


Mark Dallas gets in the ring to annouce that after the next show, Walkabout have permission to show WrestleMania! He also annouced that Martin Stone is coming to ICW at the next show - both of these annoucements got huge reactions from the crowd.


Match 4 - Lionheart vs Kid Fite


An amazing match - Lionheart is a great competitor and Kid Fite is just an all out brawler. This was a really solid match but I felt it was spoiled a little at the end by the interference of Lionheart's Gold Label running buddies (the ICW champ James Scott, Red Lightning and Wolfgang) Lionheart wins this one but I'd bet money that Kid Fite will be looking for some payback come the next show.


Match 5 - The STIs (William Grange & Dickie Divers) w/Laura vs RedWolf (Red Lightning & Wolfgang)


A wonderful match where it actually looked like Grange & Divers were going to get a measure of revenge for what Wolfgang and the rest of the Gold Label did to Laura at Fear & Loathing 3. However, after a really enjoyable match RedWolf gets the win after the interference of Lightning and Lionheart. Once again, Laura got beaten up by every member of the Label - I feel sorry for her particularly as she seemed to appreciate my bright neon pink "Grange 4 Champ" sign earlier.


Speaking of my signs, I had two others over and above the "Grange 4 Champ" one - "Let Go Wild" for Andy Wild earlier in the night and one proclaiming "The Bronze Label" However, after the match with the STIs, James Scott and Wolfgang nicked all three of my signs and destroyed them in the ring. At the time I was livid but now that I look back on it, it can't be a bad thing - just means I know that I got to them


Match 6 - Vinnie James & Joe Coffey vs The Buckie Boys (Davie Blaze & Stephen Xavier) w/The Wee Man


James and Coffey didn't look on the same page from the moment they emerged from behind the curtain whereas despite never having teamed together in ICW, Blaze and Xavier seemed like a good match having similiar styles. The Wee Man provided a few laughs before the match got underway - at one stage referring to Blaze & Xavier as the "School Age Outlaws" It looked like James & Coffey were gonna get the win but due to their arguing, the Bucky Boys won after Xavier pinned James. The arguing got worse after the match and I can see a match of James vs Coffey somewhere down the line.


Logan Storm & TJ Rage came out with Charles Boddington and attacked ICW security before Boddington started complaining to Mark Dallas that he, Storm and Rage hadn't been booked to appear on the show. He pointed out a clause in the contract that Dallas previously signed stating that either they appear on the next show or they will sue Dallas and ICW.


Match 7 - N.A.K (Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn) vs Absolution (Rob Cage & Noam Dar)


A completely bonkers match including some serious action on the bar once again. Lots of great moves including an Asai moonsault from Dar as well as BT Gunn doing a dive over the barrier. BT Gunn gets the pin before the Gold Label stuck their oar in once again, beating up on both Renfrew and BT Gunn. BT had to get carried out on a stretcher eventually.


Match 8 - ICW Championship Match: James Scott vs Jack Jester w/Lolita


A crazy main event with both men putting on a wonderful match. Jester did one completely mental spot where he did a Tombstone off of the second turnbuckle onto a table - unfortunately for both parties, the table didn't actually break. Once again, Scott decided to set his boots on fire before kicking Jester in the face. The Gold Label got involved once again and proceeded to give Jester multiple cane shots to close the show.


An amazing night in spite of the wanton destruction of my poor signs :p

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