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FWA: European Uprising


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Now Slam were there last time there was one of these on at the NEC, and the time before too I believe, and put on a good showing if I recall it right, they certainly got plenty of people staying to watch who don't watch wrestling it seemed.


Any way, does Slam still do shows or have they gone?

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- How late will the show start?

The memoribilia closes at 5 pm. Bret Hart is signing from 11 am to 2 pm. I'm hoping the start of the FWA show won't conflict with Bret's signing. Can't be at 2 places at the same time...


- How many matches are there?

- Is admission free? (if you bought a memoribilia ticket)




I will be travelling from Holland for this show, so I really need some more details before I book the flight.

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what id imagine happened is the event organisers were looking to bring HBK over and FWA would have then approached and discussed the possibility of doing something with him had he been there. dont think FWA would have been looking to soley bringing over HBK otherwise given the model they have which is pushing british talent and not using imports.

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What matches do people want to see?


Johnny Storm vs Rockstar Spud in a ladder match has already been announced.


I'd like to see a 4 way to crown the new tag team champs.

Leaders vs NX vs S&M vs The Kartel would be pretty sweet, providing the Kartel get through to the semi's.


Leroy will fight for the title, although I'm not sure who against.


What does everyone else think?

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