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Upcoming DVD releases


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411 has put up this list of upcoming releases before the end of the year (stateside).


Ones that I haven't heard previously discussed are in bold.


WWE Money in the Bank 2010 PPV - 8/17


TNA Slammiversary 2010 - 8/24


WWE Summerslam 2010 - 9/14


TNA Best Of The Asylum Years Vol. 1 - 9/21


WWE Chris Jericho - The Highlight Reel - 9/28


WWE Best of the High-Flyers - 10/12


TNA Wrestling's Greatest Moments - 10/18


WWE Night of Champions 2010 - 10/19


WWE Smackdown: 2010 Season - 10/26


WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 - 11/2


WWE The John Cena Experience - 11/9


TNA Triple Threat Vol. 4 - 11/19


WWE Bragging Rights 2010 PPV - 11/23


WWE 100 Craziest Moments - 12/14


WWE Bobby Heenan DVD - 12/28


Craziest Moments one sounds good, especially if it takes in a few different eras and promotions. A return for the 'countdown' format here I take it, which was fun on the SmackDown retrospective.

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...with some added All Star footage from 94?! ;-)


Actually, I wonder if they could/would pay for a Big Daddy tag from WOS? If they did produce a Bulldog set, I'd imagine they'd realise a lot of the interest in it would be from over here...

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I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a UK exclusive one disc Bulldogs/Regal/British guys set, or even just a Tagged Classic of the old British Bulldogs video. I can't imagine they would sell any worse than those horrible looking "Best of" DVDs that have been coming out recently with about four recent PPV matches and that's it.

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WWE will prob wait to see how DH Smith gets on before a Davey Boy set, for example if he goes onto the main event scene, esp if he's a face, then there would be generated intrest in his heritage



But yes i agree a set could be awesome, esp if they dig out some footage from his younger days

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Why does there need to be another John Cena dvd? It'll just be the same as his last two dvds . Even HHH hasn't had 3 dvds realeases in a 6 year period, excluding the dx dvds, feel free to correct me if im wrong.


Best of the high flyers may be a good one if there's a good mix of footage from different promotions especially WCW. 100 craziest moments sounds like a dvd that would be enjoyable to watch. Hennan's one is probably going to be the best of the bunch.

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