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I can't wait for it to come out, be absolute fucking garbage and give me the pleasure of watching a million virgins doing gymnastics trying to explain how it's not empty soulless wank, but the real vi

About 20 years ago there was (I think) a Bleeding Cool article about how Warner Brothers didn't want to make a Batman vs Superman film because it was their two biggest franchises and they didn't want

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You guys are really good at finding pictures to make my points about superheroes wearing bright costumes look stupid!

Nah, was just being silly. That was Guy Gardner's brief run where he was kicked out of the GLC, then tricked Lobo into helping him get Sinestro's yellow ring - it coincided with the Death of Superman storyline, which is why he was featured with it against Doomsday. The whole gimmick behind that run was that he was rebelling against the Corps and the Guardians, but also against the idea of being some masked hero - he just wanted to be, as he put it, "a guy named Guy".


Still, he kept the look when he came back to the Corps (I think it looks pretty cool):





That said, it'd look shit in real life:



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In the comic's I prefer the normal clothes version of Wolverine. In the films the X-Men leather is fine as I think the yellow/Red-Brown or even the mask would look out of place. If Wolverine wears a costume I like his X-force 1.


Would you prefer Batman without a mask in the movies too?


Was you pissed off that Joker wore facepaint and did not have white skin? or that Scarecrow just wore a mask and not the full gear? :rolleyes:


They did try and make the Wolverine costume work and it never did, so they went with the leather look. Why does Wolverine wear a mask? Is there any purpose? Wolverine spends more time in comics wearing casual clothes now and always calls himself Logan not Wolverine.


Every superhero costume goes threw changes before they come on the big screen. Look at the massive difference in Blade, You also said how good Daredevils costume is. Would you say Bullseye's costume was good or bad?


Carbomb did Guy die in Death of Superman? I read that book but had no idea why he had the yellow ring at the time. Kinda have a big chunk of what has happened in the DC universe missing unless its Batman or Sup's

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Carbomb did Guy die in Death of Superman? I read that book but had no idea why he had the yellow ring at the time. Kinda have a big chunk of what has happened in the DC universe missing unless its Batman or Sup's


Nah, he just got massively fucked up. Like I say, that run coincided with DoS; about fifth or sixth issue in, his ex, some ice-wielding bird, has a go at him for his attitude towards Superman's death, to which he replies something like: "I'm sorry he's dead. But don't ask me to miss him."


It's an odd run; I've only got up to issue 12, but it's good fun.

<-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

The whole thing starts back in Green Lantern (forget which issue), where Gardner takes issue to having to share GL duty with Jordan, and challenges him to a fist-fight for the ring. Jordan beats him, and Gardner goes off, quitting the Corps.


The next instalment is the Guy Gardner: Reborn mini-series of three books (which I have), whereby, upon getting the shit kicked out of him when he tries to take down Goldface's gang just using loads of guns and his fists, he decides to get his own ring which won't be limited by the Guardians: Sinestro's yellow one. Problem: it's most likely in the evil universe of the Qwardians (evil Guardians and makers of the yellow ring). He figures the only way he can get it is by getting someone with spaceflight capability and enough toughness to get past the Qwardians, so he hits upon the insane idea of hiring Lobo. Luckily, he's able to hitch a ride from G'nort.


Despite a less-than-warm welcome from Lobo, Guy convinces the psycho that if he got his hands on the ring, he'd be even more unstoppable than before. Lobo agrees, but then insists on training Guy up - which basically means beating the living piss out of him.


They eventually get to Qward, only to find out Sinestro's ring never returned there - it was buried with him on Oa. The two escape to Oa, but end up leading the Qwardians to find Oa and begin their attacks. Unfortunately for the Qwardians, Lobo's only too pleased to have a shitload of new opponents to kill, and Gardner's able to take advantage of the ruckus to slip away and find Sinestro's tomb. At the tomb, he has a struggle with Sinestro's spirit, but finally gets the ring, and then fucks off Lobo using it.


That comic cover I posted earlier is the beginning of his yellow ring series - it sees him go through various adventures, trying to outdo Hal Jordan, get revenge on Goldface for before, and escape the Guardians' and the JLA's influence. He even gets a publicity agent, as it's pointed out that superheroes don't usually get paid - Gardner's a materialistic, chauvinistic, pugilistic jerk, so he doesn't mind marketing himself. Over the course of the series, his ring runs out of power a couple of times, until he realises that he can only recharge it by getting into battles with Green Lanterns - his ring leeches off theirs.


That was as far as I got, but in between that and him rejoining the GLC, there was a chapter of his career where his yellow ring got destroyed by Parallax, and it turned out he had alien DNA in his family line from millennia ago anyway, which enable him to transform his limbs into massive guns (a bit like Marvel's Random). I think he still has these powers when he rejoins the GLC.


[close spoiler]

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Hey, that's not bad.


Hopefully (and this lends some credence) they'll go out of their way to make whatever alien Lanterns show up be very alien indeed, as opposed to the animated film where you got a lot of Star Trek style nhumanoids instead. It makes the Sinestro storyline a lot less impactfull otherwise.

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Seeing as this seems to be the go-to thread the superhero movies, I found this and wondered if true, what your thoughts were on this.




keeps popping up every no and then, as soon as they go ahead with that expect Nolan to walk on the Batman films. Bale has said he don't want to do JLA.

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