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150+ Wrestling VHS Collection - WWF WCW ECW JAPAN *PAL*


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Hi, im listing this on Ebay, but will take offers via PM. Thanks


150+ Wrestling VHS Collection - WWF WCW ECW JAPAN *PAL*

Includes Ex Rentals, AUS PAL, UK PAL, US NTSC

Please Note: All VHS are in PAL unless stated. All have been kept safely in Excellent Condition










Royal Rumble 1989

Royal Rumble 1990

Royal Rumble 1991

Royal Rumble 1993

Royal Rumble 1994

Royal Rumble 1994 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Royal Rumble 1995 x2

WrestleMania The Greatest Hits

WrestleMania 3

WrestleMania 5

WrestleMania 6

WrestleMania 9 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

WrestleMania 11

WrestleMania 12

WrestleMania 13

WrestleMania 14

King Of The Ring 1993

King Of The Ring 1994

King Of The Ring 1994 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

King Of The Ring 1995 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Summerslam 1989

Summerslam 1990

Summerslam 1991

Summerslam 1992

Summerslam 1993

Summerslam 1994

Summerslam 1995 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Summerslam 1996

Summerslam 1996 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Summerslam 1997

Summerslam 1998

Survivor Series 1989

Survivor Series 1990

Survivor Series 1991

Survivor Series 1992 x2

Survivor Series 1993

Survivor Series 1994

Survivor Series 1995 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Survivor Series 1998

Survivor Series 1999 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Survivor Series Best of 1987-1997

In Your House 2

In Your House 6

In Your House 16

In Your House 17

Break Down 1998

Unforgiven 1998

Fully Loadad 1998

Judgment Day 1998

Backlash 2001 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

No Mercy 2000 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Rebellion 1999

Eve Of Destruction

D-Generation X

Austin vs. McMahon

Mick Foley Madman Unmasked

Three Faces of Foley

Best of Raw vol.2

Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows

Beyond The Mat

UK Rampage

US Rampage 92

Year In Review 1993

The Best of Saturday Nights Main Event

Greatest Steelcage Matches

Wrestling Super Heroes

Ultimate Warrior

The British Bulldogs

Strong Men (Ex Australian Rental, PAL)

Battle Of The Superstars 1992

Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog




Superbrawl 1

Superbrawl 2

Superbrawl 5 (US NTSC Retail)

WrestleWar 1990

WrestleWar 1991

Fall Brawl - War Games 1998 (Australian PAL Retail)

Halloween Havoc - Chamber Of Horrors

Halloween Havoc - What Will The Wheel Reveal

Halloween Havoc - Terror Rules The Ring

Halloween Havoc 1999 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Great American Bash 1990

Great American Bash 1991

Great American Bash 1992

Beach Blast 1992

Beach Blast 1993 x2

Capital Combat 1990 x2

Best Of Starrcade 1983-1987 (US NTSC Double VHS Retail)

Starrcade 1989 - Futureshock

Starrcade 1990 - Collision Course

Starrcade 1993 (US NTSC Retail)

Starrcade 1999 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Slamboree 1994 (US NTSC Retail)

Chi Town Rumble (US NTSC Retail)

Spring Stampede 1994 (US NTSC Retail)

Spring Stampede 1999 (Aus Big Box ex-rental)

Superstar Series - DDP and Macho Man

WCW Best Of The 1990's

Uncensored 2000



Japan & Other

UWF Vol.2

FMW Yokohama Deathmatch (Australian PAL)

FMW Yokohama Deathmatch (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Flying Assassin (Australian PAL)

FMW Flying Assassin (US NTSC Retail)

FMW War Of Attrition (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Torn To Shreds (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Final Encounter (US NTSC Retail)

FMW The Enforcer (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Crash N Burn (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Rule The Asylum (US NTSC Retail)

FMW The Legend Dawns (US NTSC Retail)

FMW King Of The Deathmatch (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Ring Of Torture (US NTSC Retail)

FMW Total Carnage




Gangsters Paradise

Born To Be Wired

Massacre On Queens Boulevard

Anarchy Rulz 2000

November To Remember 1995

November To Remember 1997

November To Remember 1999

November To Remember 2000

House Party 1998

Guity As Charged 2000

Guity As Charged 2001

Natural Born Kilaz

Cyberslam 1996

Cyberslam 1998

Cyberslam 1999

Heatwave 1998

Wrestlepalooza 1998

Living Dangerously 1998

Living Dangerously 1999

It Aint Seinfeld

Big Ass Extreme Bash

Extreme Warfare

Massacre On 34th St.

Hardcore Heaven 1995

Hardcore Heaven 1997

Barely Legal 1997

Crossing The Line

Terry Funks Wrestlefest

As Good As It Gets

Crossing The Line 1999


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