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I've just finished reading the Randy Hales book. Could have done with a proof reader here and there but was a really good read for anyone who has an interest in Memphis Wrestling. I used to get the Power Pro Wrestling tapes in the late 90s and he goes into a lot of detail about running that promotion so gave a lot of insight 

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Considering the subject that you're talking about, you're coming across as even more of a prick than usual.

I love books.

You'd know.  

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I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks recently, having taken up the gym, and that has been entertaining me whilst there.

Just finished JR’s second book. Was really interesting hearing his journey with WWE, from the major stories backstage over the years.

Was good as it started right about when I started watching, so it was like I was pulling back the curtain as to what was really going on back there.

What became apparent throughout, was his love for his wife, who was clearly his rock throughout his trials and tribulations with WWE, and it was particularly sad to hear how she passed.

Would definitely recommend.


Any more audio books that anybody can recommend?

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