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1 hour ago, Egg Shen said:

yeh, hes got a tough fight tonight. Charriere is abit of star in his own right. Apparently he's a bit of a celebrity and had a big youtube following. People were surprised he re-signed with Cage Warriors as they'd expected him to goto the UFC but the plan apparently is to have him headline a Cage Warriors show in Paris. Pandemic ballsed that up though for now.

Yeah I've seen he's got a large following of French fans but its MMA so you never fully know what's going to happen. 

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Thoroughly enjoyed Cage Warriors last night, and it's wonderful to see local lad, Ian Garry, keep on keeping on, as below: And then Miller went and stitched Cartwright a few loafs...apparent

I really have to stop jinxing fighters. 

Big Sergei’s still knocking heads off. I’d still like to see him in the UFC. I don’t care if he’s older, slower and fatter. I genuinely think he’d still be a problem for pretty much all of t

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Well Jordan Vucenic got the win, I think he might have edged it overall but it was a very close call. Jordan just started off so well and gain confidence from that but Morgan never got going for so long, the French fans are losing their minds on twitter though. 

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