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Pro-Wrestling:EVE News & Events Thread


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Pro-Wrestling:EVE. Ice Ribbon. Shawn Michaels. Vader. 1PW.

It's The Biggest & Most Versatile Weekend In European Wrestling History!


Pro-Wrestling:EVE is going up North for the first time and we're going to make it VERY special!


The Joshi Puroresu stars of Japanese women's wrestling promotion Ice Ribbon are coming to the Doncaster Dome in England for 2 days for cross promotional battles!


While neither EVE nor Ice Ribbon have decided who will represent them on this weekend of inter-promotional contests you can rest assure that both promotions will be wanting to come out the victors and will be sending those who they feel are the best to do so.


The events will take place in the afternoons of October 8 and 9 at The Doncaster Dome. Doors open at 2pm and the shows begins at 2.15pm


But that's not all that will be going on at the Doncaster Dome on the weekend of October 8 and 9. Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels will be at The Dome on the mornings prior to both EVE events. Shawn Michaels will be taking pictures and signing autographs in a special fan convention!


And that's STILL not all! 1PW - the most high profile male professional wrestling promotion in Europe will be holding events in the evening of both days and already announced for the shows is former WCW and IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Vader!


Tickets for both the Shawn Michaels Fan Convention and 1PW show are available from www.oneprowrestling.com


So there you have it. Arguably the most versatile days of Professional Wrestling to perhaps ever take place in Europe. Fan conventions with 'The Greatest Superstar Of All Time' former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels, full shows from 1PW featuring the best male wrestlers in Europe and some of the biggest names in professional wrestling history including former WCW Champion Vader; + for the first time ever Joshi Puroresu comes to the UK as the female wrestlers of Japanese female wrestling promotion Ice Ribbon collide with the Professionals of Pro-Wrestling:EVE in TWO inter-promotional events!


Tickets for the EVE vs Ice Ribbon events are available now at the Events section of www.EVEwrestling.com




If you have any questions or would like more info please email:



Head to http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport...Eve-review.html to read a review of the d

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Saraya & Britani - The Knight Dynasty



Just gotta say - Damn!, they both look mighty fine!



Anyway, now that's out of the way, I'm seriously digging this and there's some great names on the show. Blue Nikita is an awesome talent in my opinion and why she has not been chosen to appear in Shimmer is beyond me.


Erin frickin' Angel! :thumbsup: Yay! Glad she's had a change of heart. ;)


Alpha Female is also very under-rated. Don't know enough about Jenny Sjodin to comment.


Due to my work schedule I really don't know if I can make the debut show :angry::( but I'm gonna try my damnedest!


If all else fails, I'm gonna be buying the DVDs!


Nice one Dann! :thumbsup:

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Elements of SHIMMER, Pro Wrestling Respect and WOS to create a very intriguing hybrid. I really hope this works.


If it provides the action like ChickFight does, it might have a shot. Regardless, I'll be at ringside to see what goes down.

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Hoping for the best from this promotion, naturally. With the likes of Jezebel Eden Black, Jade, Skye, Bubbles, and more now disappeared from the scene, something like EVE can and should give a spotlight to some different girls and be good for the female contingent of wrestlers in Europe. Apart from the obvious (I've been championing Britani Knight as the best in the UK for some time, and Saraya & Blue Nikita are always worth the money), I'll get to finally see Nikki Storm (who Freaky has always enthused about from Triple X shows), see Erin Angel wrestle live (bizarrely I've only ever seen her on DVD before now) and see where new blood like Jenny Sjodin & April Davids (the two most assured girls from the recent EVE training camp) will fit in. The catch division conjures up suggestions of a Mountevans Rules match too, which will be fun, I hope.

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Dann Read in creating another promotion that will fail shocker!!!


Forum member slating a new promotion that hasn't ran a show yet shocker.


I'm merely basing this on the fact that every promotion Dann Read has tried running has failed very quickly. But with your experience of promoting your far more qualified to comment on failed promoters than me.



To be fair though martin does have a valid point in that whilst dann hasnt had major successes financially with the chickfight shows creatively they were well recieved by most who attended.


It's got to be said though womens wrestling isn't the most financially rewarding area of ''BritWres'' which is why probably why dann stopped running his shows for the past couple of years (along with other factors such as the fact we're in the middle of a reccession...or just coming out of it now) Which meant that running more chickfight shows wasnt a risk dann wanted to take in times of financial uncertainty especially when british wrestling fans are more likely to spend the cash they have on the GPW's XWA's LDN's IPW's etc that are running aroundf the country along with the supershows that where being run by mark sloan for dann to have attempted to run shows during the ladst 2 years or so against all those factors would have been rash financially so wisely he took the option of focusing on xwa and running the sudbury shows as well as helping to book the morecambe shows.


Now theres a much better chance that people will be willing to part with their cash for a womens show hence his gamble in running pro wrestling eve..it might not work out for him but the showsshould again be well recieved creatively if not financially.

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I really like the idea of this and will be watching this promotion closely in the hope of its success, however due to it being an over 2 1/2 hour drive and being on a day I have to work (stupid work!) I wont be attending this time.


Count me in for the DVD's and best of luck with the show and idea in whole.

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