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1 minute ago, Tommy! said:

That's an understatement. 

What happened to get to that point? Toyah is sat eating a boiled egg lamenting the lack of YouTube views she's getting and thinks "I'm going to sing Matalica while riding an exercise bike in my kitchen. To make it extra special I'll ware a top that shows off as much as my tits as possible and also lets them wobble about constantly with the slightest movement. To really finish it off as a masterpiece I'll get that bloke who looks like The Crypt-Keeper to play the guitar and stare at my eyes like Shadow at the start of a round of duel".

They've been doing this every Sunday since lockdown started last year. Mad as hatters, the pair of them, but it makes a nice change from all the doom and gloom of 2020.


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It's a mystery to him.

Susannah Hoffs (lead singer of ‘The Bangles’) is 62 years old today.   This photo is only 4 or 5 years old.   

How old are we all now? 46 doesn't  register as 'older woman' territory anymore at all despite it being ten years older than me. Also, she looks great and all but I think I'm jaded for Hollywood women

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2 minutes ago, Nostalgia Nonce said:

They've been doing this every Sunday since lockdown started last year

Does she always do the filming stood in a draft so her nips are like tent pegs? 

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10 minutes ago, JNLister said:

For anyone gullible enough to think Toyah doesn't know exactly what the appeal of the videos is:




Virgil with “it’s always a ball of fun” and now Toyah with “you racked up…”

Katherine Ryan said she wanted to get her twat out soon on Big Fat Quiz of Everything. I’m now beginning to question whether she was kidding or not…

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