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I don't think Stokes in the answer to the No3 spot either, but if it's a choice between him and Buttler, I'll go for Stokes. 

I like the idea of having Buttler coming in down the order, allowing him to counter attack if the upper order fails or freeing him up to take a score from par to huge with a bollocks to the wall thrash if the top order finally does its job...

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They should have stuck with Moeen there. It would have been a chance to give him a run there but they gave him three tests and that's it. The guy never knows what his role with the bat is, how's he supposed to put up consistent scores if he's up and down like a yo-yo?

The idea of just slinging somebody at three who's not really suited works better in Sri Lanka, and probably will in the West Indies too. The new ball isn't as much of a factor, spinners often bowl with it, so Moeen or Stokes or Buttler would feel like they're batting in the middle order anyway. They're not going to do it against Mitchell Starc over here though, let's face it.

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